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Requirements of an Emergency Locksmith in Leicester

The modern locksmith is much more than just somebody you call out when you are locked out of your home or office, in fact the modern locksmith covers a whole variety of locksmith and safety associated services that most people are just not aware of.


These extra services range from boarding …

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What Is Mould and How Can uPVC Windows Help?

Moulds are a type of fungus that play an important role in helping with the bio-degradation of natural materials like food, plants and trees. Although usually fuzzy in appearance, mould can be a number of different colours, including green, blue and black. We are exposed to mould spores every day an…

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Aerial Cinema Productions Launched By McCort, Andrews

Have Helicopter, Camera Mounts, Will Travel.


By Michael Clark

NEW YORK - A pilot and a producer have teamed up to form Aerial Cinema Productions here, offering ground-dwelling production companies and agency producers a range of aerial cinematography services.


Pilot Ray McCort, …

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Making New York Skies Filmmaker-Friendly

Cinematographer Joshua Narins and pilot Ray McCort had very specific ideas about operating a full service aerial production company.  The two men, who run the year-old New York-based out fit Aerial Cinema Productions, did not think it was sufficient to offer producers a piloted aircraft and nothing …

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Film Video - The View From Above

Ray McCort

Aerial Cinema Productions

New York-based Aerial Cinema Productions (ACP) shoots film and video for features and commercials, and boasts such movie credits as Blown Away, Now and then, the upcoming releases Kingpin and Eraser, and commercials for Coca-Cola, Timex and Microsoft.  Co-f…

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American Cinematographer - Birds Eye View

By David Weiner

Aerial production services


In addition to companies manufacturing products for airborne filming, there are those that focus primarily on providing services, such as Aerial Cinema Productions, which began operating about 10 years ago. “We offer full-service aerial production…

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Aerial Production Company

Aerial Cinema Productions, a full-service aerial production company based in New York, combines the talents of aerial coordinator/film pilot Ray McCort and aerial cinematographer Joshua Narins and offers a full range of aircraft and aerial camera systems, as well as safety coordinators, aerial unit …

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