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Buy Avaya IP Phone Maintenance And Support by Pixcom in Dubai UAE

The management of business telephone systems is something that many companies want to put in the hands of third parties and never consider them. They can do this when they get Avaya maintenance and support from a licensing service provider. When companies take advantage of Avaya maintenance and support by implementing a fully hosted or managed telephony network, it receives the following important services that ensure the system is properly configured and provides the highest level of functionality.



The first benefit companies get when implementing a fully hosted or hosted network is professional installation, which includes: installing a phone in a workstation, installing a PBX (private switch) device in the field, and programming the system if the customer chooses to host the network. The biggest feature. Because it ensures the proper use of network resources, professional installation is one of the most important third-party phone services that businesses can receive.



Avaya phones maintenance in Dubai is another benefit of implementing a fully managed or managed telephony network. Authorized providers of Avaya telephony maintenance provide a full range of communication management services, including: remote response system alerts, on-site response when remote alarms cannot be resolved, repair or replacement of faulty hardware, improved programming of system functions, and scheduled service checks to ensure resources Normal operation and proper use.


Stand By

As mentioned above, the service provider will remotely monitor the functionality of the network. This can quickly solve technical problems and achieve a high success rate. With the right diagnostic tools, Avaya Phone Care Providers will resolve over 90% of system alerts without having to touch the customer's property. Remote monitoring provides different levels. Some companies only need to monitor the telephone network during business hours, while other companies need to monitor around the clock. Service plans can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.


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How to Build An Online Business


By: Michael Taylor CEO of TaylorLyfe

How to Build An Online Business

In order to set up a business, it is necessary to take several steps, the exact extent of which depends on the legal status chosen. The steps are more consistent in the context of the creation of a company.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. It is perfectly possible to manage all the formalities for setting up business directly online. So, if you are here to find the answer to the question; how to build an online business then read the following article.


Build your business online, why?

The entrepreneur has several options for starting his business. He can manage everything himself, delegate the creation of his business to his accountant or a lawyer, or entrust it to an online business creation service provider.

Managing your own business is the most cost-effective option. However, this requires a certain level of knowledge of business creation, at the risk of making mistakes. Also, deciding to set up a business yourself means spending time on it.

By delegating the creation of your business to an accountant or a lawyer, you will normally benefit from a good quality of service and personalized follow-up, as well as a considerable saving of time since the creation of the business, is entrusted to the professional.

Setting up your business through an online provider is a good compromise between the two solutions presented above. You benefit from considerable time savings, the support of a specialist provider (you can even talk to a professional about your project) and a powerful and intuitive online tool (provided you choose the right provider) while limiting the budget devoted to your business creation, the offers are often quite accessible.


How to Build your business online?

To create your business online, you have two options:

  • Delegate the creation of your business to an online service provider.
  • Or you create your own business yourself by managing your business in a dematerialized way.

We are interested here in the approaches related to the creation of companies. For start-ups of sole proprietorships, the formalities are relatively simple and can be easily managed by the entrepreneur himself.

The dematerialized drafting of the company’s articles of association


To write your articles dematerialized, you have several options:

If you write your own statutes, the simplest solution is to download a model of statutes from a reliable website and then complete it yourself. Ensure that all mandatory statements and useful additional clauses are included in the downloaded template.

If you entrust the drafting of your articles to an online service provider, you will need to provide a certain amount of information by completing an online questionnaire. Then, depending on the service chosen, your articles will be generated automatically or written by a lawyer.


Online platforms, a tool that simplifies your business creation

There are now a large number of internet platforms that offer you the option of starting your business online and taking care of all your business start-ups. The management of your business creation is completely dematerialized and the provider takes care of everything: from the drafting of your articles to the obtaining of your K-Bis extract.

Some online creation platforms offer several levels of services:

With first offers limited to the automatic drafting of your articles and the completion of your formalities. This type of Service is perfectly suitable for entrepreneurs who set up one-person companies (EURL, SASU) without any particular difficulties at the level of the articles of association. After completing a questionnaire, the articles of association are automatically generated. The service provider then completes the other documents and collects the necessary supporting documents.

And other offers at a higher rate where an online lawyer takes care of the creation of your company. It is no longer a question here of automating your procedures but of getting personalized and tailor-made follow-up of your business creation. This can be useful when your project has several Partners (SARL, SAS, SA) and/or has specificities.

If you decide to use the services of such an online provider, make sure you select a serious provider. We advise you to focus on platforms that collaborate with business lawyers.

You don’t get paid for how hard you work; you get paid for the value you give to this world. Are you willing to sacrifice to truly reach your goals? What is the skill you want the world to know about? That is what TaylorLyfe truly is, welcome to the family.

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Heart & Body Naturals was launched with one simple purpose; sharing the synergistic Healing Trilogy products formulated with the healing power of plants provided by our creator.

The life-enhancing Healing Trilogy products are the one and only reason for Heart & Body Naturals' existence. If you take away Alexandria's formulas, there would be no Heart & Body Naturals.

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Computer Repair Service Irving Texas


Geeks Stop - Cellphone Computer & Managed IT Service

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Are you tired of taking your PC to repair shop every time? Does your program take longer than usual to load? Does your computer take extra time to boot up? Is your computer vulnerable to viruses? Did you lose your important data from your PC recently? Do you want to upgrade your Storage capacity? Remember us if one of these question sounds familiar! We will be more than happy to help you. We have years of experience solving issues mentioned above. Few things that we do almost every day are Virus and Spyware Removal, Antivirus Installation, PC Tune-Up, Operating System Configuration, Hard drive to SSD Upgrades, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration, Data Backups and recovery, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation. Quick and affordable PC repair service in DFW area. We help you fix any issue with your PC.

Computer Repair Service Irving Texas


Computer Service & Support

  • Computer LCD problem fix Irving Texas
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We guarantee Same day service on your PC Irving ,Texas

We provide all kinds of computer repair service here at Geeks stop. Some services are PC repair, RAM upgrade, Hard drive to SSD upgrade, password removal custom PC, laptop repair, notebook repair, macro computer repair and any other hardware or software issue. Remember us for Express computer repair service here in area.

We provide Software and Hardware Services for all kinds of desktop and laptop computers. We can fix most device on same day. Let us know what issues you have with your computer and we will be right on it. We will keep you updated about the repair process. Some of the activity we do almost every day are Virus Removal, Anti-Virus Installation, Password Removal, Installing HDD & SSD, Data Migration, Data Recovery, OS installation and Upgrades, Memory Upgrade. Fastest Computer Repair Service in area. We are more than happy to help you with any kind of Computer services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I keep my computer away from viruses?

A: Do not download software’s from third party websites, keep your system up-to-date, use an anti-virus, do not plug-in any infected storage medias.

Q: Does low RAM slows down computer?

A: Yes, RAM is the main processing memory of computer. It it has more program to handle and has low memory to do so. Your computer might slow down.

Q: Does formatting remove viruses?

A: Yes, you can remove viruses by formatting your computer. But you must also know that formatting also remove all your files and applications from your hard drive. At the same time formatting does remove virus but does not protect your computer from viruses. There is equal chance that it will be infected again.

Q: How much do you charge for diagnostics ?

A: It depends on what device you have and what kind of issue you have with your device. Call us with serial number of your device and issue. We will help you.

Q: Do I need to re-install operating system after formatting ?

A: Yes, you need to re-install operating system if you have formatted the volume containing operating system.

Q: Does anti-virus remove virus ?

A: Yes, if your anti-virus is able to detect the virus, it slows different option to remove it. Anti-virus really helps your computer be free from computer viruses.

Q: Does replacing HDD makes computer faster?

A: Yes, it does. Since HDD has wheel inside it, which gets bad after certain spins. So its always good to replace Hard drive if its old.

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Small Claims Court Process


Small Claims Court is a distinct branch of the Superior Court of Justice. Small Claims Court Lawyer Toronto will hear claims for money or personal property at a value of $25,000 or less (not including interest or costs). If you are looking to sue for an amount higher than $25,000 you will need to file your claim with the Superior Court of Justice and follow the civil litigation process instead.

In Ontario, the Small Claims Court hears claims for money owed under a variety of agreements, including unpaid accounts for goods or services, unpaid rent, and loans. Damages can also be claimed, including property damage, personal injuries, and damages for breaches of contract.

Small Claims Court Lawyer Toronto

Almost every step in Small Claims Court Lawyer is associated with a particular form. Some of the forms you may be required to use in the Small Claims Court process include: Plaintiff’s Claim, Defendant’s Claim, List of Proposed Witnesses, Offer to Settle, Terms of Settlement, Summons to Witness andNotice of Default of Payment.

The documents which set out the facts of the case from the perspectives of the parties are called Pleadings. Pleadings in a Small Claims Court action come in a variety of forms: Plaintiff’s Claim, Defence, Defendant’s Claim, Defence to Defendant’s Claim. To start a case in Small Claims Court, you must draft and issue a Plaintiff’s Claim

If a claim is issued and filed online, a paper copy must also be filed with the appropriate courthouse at least 14 days before the scheduled Settlement Conference.


Get The Best Digital Signage Solution For The Retail Industry in Dubai, UAE


What can an advanced digital signage solution do for you?

The secret lies in the software. The per-identification solution will include business intelligence software integrated into your inventory software. This integration allows for highly intuitive marketing applications to help you increase sales to your on-site customers when making final purchase decisions at the cash register. This is accomplished by presenting the customer with an attractive visual image of the up-sell offer of the target that matches its original purchase.

Digital signage companies in Dubai combine LCD screens with business intelligence software to enable you to measure the effectiveness of specific promotions and enhance the look and feel of retail stores to increase return visits.


How does it work?

A new generation of digital signage solutions connect directly to your cash register, analyze each customer's purchases to determine the best matching upsell offer; then, display an upsell offer to your customers on a customer-facing LCD screen Attractive visual image. The analysis is based on predefined rules set according to your business strategy.

For example, in a clothing store, the system can be programmed to promote slow moving items, provide sweaters on rainy days before the rainy season, or sell on the fashion line of the previous season. Then, before the actual purchase, the matching quote will be displayed to your customer when the customer receives the payment.

The benefits of digital signage solutions:

Increase the average sales per customer. Provide the right product for your customers at the right time. The interactive signage system provides customers with an attractive visual image of the product to complement the products they have purchased. This visual image forces customers to buy additional products because they feel they are bargaining. By providing customers with products that complement their original purchases and meet your marketing strategy, you can increase your revenue immediately.

Optimize inventory usage. Promote slow-moving products to unlock valuable space in stores and storage. Advanced signage solutions allow you to program rules into your system that will trigger the promotion of messages that are more difficult to sell. Smart solutions will give you maximum control over your inventory usage, so you can keep your inventory in the way that best suits your business needs.

Promote impulse buying tendencies. Force your customers to purchase additional unplanned items by leveraging their impulse buying preferences. If the customer is exposed to the relevant up-sell offer when making a purchase decision, then your customer will be more likely to purchase the unplanned product at the time of the incentive.

Instantly modify live promotions. Take advantage of every marketing opportunity presented to you by tapping the button and taking advantage of changing environments such as vacations, inventory or weather. The ability to instantly change promotions is more effective than relying on outdated marketing methods such as promotional window posters or pop-ups.

Increase the return visit rate. Make sure your customers get back to your business through the day's promotions and make customers feel more appreciated, thus improving the overall atmosphere of the branch. Advanced digital signage solutions bring a stylish, modern feel to every retail store and provide customers with a personal style that suits their taste.


Spider Poison a Scientific Breakthrough to Fight Malaria


Scientists from the University of Maryland have tested a drug from spider poison, a scientific breakthrough that could end the international fight against malaria.

Scientists have even reached the spider's poison that can kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes, when fungi come into contact with insect blood, in a scientific step that may fight other mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever and zika.


Scientists believe that using the same technology one day can fight many other mosquito-borne diseases, such as zika and dengue fever.

By using fungus together with traditional insecticides, scientists believe they can prevent mosquitoes from developing resistance. The same technology can be used once to fight other mosquito-borne diseases, such as zika and dengue fever.

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The Many Uses of Real Estate Appraisals

Often when referring to an appraisal in typical fashion one would assume it to be for one purpose; the mandatory step in a real estate transaction in order to secure a mortgage loan. It is true that this is the most common use of a real estate appraisal, however there is much more vastness to the appraisal world apart from financing and credit attainment.

The transferring of ownership would also require appraisals. Not to be confused with a credit appraisal this type of appraisal would be used to gauge the prices of real estate. This could be used to help prospective buyers to set offering prices, help prospective sellers determine acceptable selling prices, provide a basis of real property exchanges, establish reorganization or merging ownership of multiple properties or to complete the terms of a sale price for a prospective transaction.

property tax consulting

Another large arena for the use of appraisals would be for litigation. This could come in several forms such as expropriation proceedings, property divisions, or environmental litigation. In expropriation proceedings it would be used to develop an impression of market value of a property before or after a taking (the act of enforcing the right to expropriate), or gauge the damages to a property created by a taking. Property division would be for a similar purpose producing a market value of a property in contract disputes or partnership interests. Environmental litigation uses would primarily involve the assessment of damages shaped by violations of environmental laws or environmental accidents.

Appraisals are also heavily relied upon in tax affairs. They are used for estimating opinions of value for assessment value used by municipalities to collect property taxes at the value at which they are assessed. If you are looking for a property tax consulting company that can help you save money on property taxes on a no win – no fee basis contact Navitax. They are also used for tax estimations to separate assets into depreciable items like buildings or other infrastructure, and non-depreciable items like land. Furthermore it would calculate the applicable depreciation rate for taxation purposes. In case of inheritance an appraisal would be used to estimate value of real estate portion in estate plans which would enact the foundation of future capital gains.

The last section we would look at is the use of appraisals in accounting, decision-making and investment direction. They are invaluable products for rent schedules and lease provisions, providing a feasible estimate for construction or renovation, as well as assist the needs for policyholders, adjusters, and insurers.  Moreover appraisals would be used in the process of aiding in corporate mergers, estimating liquidation value in forced sales or auctions, or assisting in arbitration of valuation issues. In investment direction they would prove helpful in positioning clients for their investment goals, resources, risk, constraints, and timing of certain actions. The need of analysis in all forms of real estate also clearly uses appraisals and methods for supply and demand trending, ascertaining specifics about real estate markets and valuation of assets.

All in all there are much more uses and purposes of appraisals than meets the average home purchase. Many of these appraisals have very specific intentions and the correct appraisal expert is needed in all of them.

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This MIT Start up Created The First FDA Cleared Smartwatch For Epilepsy Patients

By Catherine Chan

The MIT Startup Empatica, developed the first FDA cleared multimodal smartwatch for epilepsy patients, named Embrace, was approved as a medical device in 2018.   It’s a seizure-alerting smartwatch sensing the physiological signals  of ongoing Generalized Tonic Clonic seizure(GTCS-like events), then send alert to caregivers, which can be a life-saving device for patients who are under high risk of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy(SUDEP), in Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizure (GTCS).  Traditionally GTCS can only be detected by video with EEG in hospitals and clinics. The company made this breakthrough by making seizure detection viable in daily life at the convenience of wearing a stylish smartwatch.

The smartwatch Embrace was equipped with accelerometer and EDA sensor, with machine learning algorithm,  to detect convulsive seizure-like motion and EDA signals on the skin.

It is Rosalind Picard, founder of the company Empatica and director of Affective Computing Research Lab at MIT, who pioneers the field of research on the use of Electrodermal activity (EDA signals) on the skin for seizure detection (specifically GTCS).  Rosalind Picard found out that during onset of a seizure, the patient’s EDA signals goes extraordinary high resulting from arousal of sympathetic nervous system.   This results in changes in electrical conductance on the skin.  Moreover, EDA signal is able to detect brain activity involved in seizure and anxiety which sometimes even EEG cannot detect if the seizure involves areas that are deep inside the brain.

The product shows promising results in multimodal sensing algorithm compared to unimodal in seizure detection. There have been other products in the market that uses only motion detection (accelerometry alone) for seizure detection, but has lower sensitivity then this Embrace smartwatch.  According to the research funded by Dutch Epilepsy Fund/National Science Foundation. sensitivity of seizure detection is only 88% if using acceleromtry alone, compared to 94% sensitivity which uses both accelerometry and electrodermal activity.  This proves that multimodal may work better than unimodal sensing.

Whilst EDA signals and motion detection has a higher sensitivity but it’s not foolproof.  .  According to a few user review, it has false positives if the person is having intense physical activities such as running,  as the smartwatch is incredibly sensitive to motion.   These users recommended that the product may only be suitable for someone having a less physically active lifestyle, as well as having multiple, higher debilitating seizure a day. It makes sense that Empatica makes the smartwatch as a prescription only device as it’s best to consult the doctor before deciding whether it’s a right device for the epilepsy patient or not.

In fact, some activities and bodily movements in daily life may seem like convulsive seizure to the smartwatch, resulting in false alarms.   According to Empatica, the motion of convulsive seizure takes precedence in Embrace smartwatch’s algorithm.  EDA also takes part in the smartwatch’s algorithm, but since EDA is more prone to fluctuate, relying too heavily on EDA signals would result in even more false alarms.  It’s good that in latest review article in the product it shows there has been improvement on the algorithm owing to growing data availability and more users contributed immediate feedback on the false alarm problem, thereby facilitating machine learning algorithm adjustment to better distinguish normal physical activities from GTCS.  The false alarm rate has been lowered from the initial ~2 to 0.2-1 false alarms per day.

It’s hard to achieve 100% accuracy.  So false-positive is still a challenge for seizure detection device.  One reason to explain this is that seizures events may be different for each individual and seizure patterns fluctuate because of external environment.  More data would need to be collected from wide variety of real life situation from users in order to facilitate continuous improvement of the algorithm.

In fact, Dutch Epilepsy Fund and Science Foundation has done research on how to improve accuracy of the devices.  They tested on combiningmultiple physiological sensors for seizure detection in a few studies (accelerometers, electromyography(EMG), heart rate, and oximetry, Electrodermal activity(EDA)).   It was found that multiple sensors increased sensitivity, with false alarms decreased in a study, but increased in another study.  Why is it so?

In fact, while combining different sensors may improve accuracy and lower false alarms in some circumstances,  it is not always the case .  Often when a device becomes too sensitive, the number of false positives may rise.   It’s also possible that with too many sensors, signals may interfere with each other.

The study has shown promising sensitivity for multimodal devices, but minimizing the number of false positives is still challenging.  According to Frans S.S. Leijten of the Dutch TeleEpilepsy Consortium , false alarm is still a major problem and is the major impediment for clinical devices to be used at home. 

What is encouraging is that the false detections seem to occur only in a minority of patients (around 16%-30% of patients).

In fact, the false detections occurring only in minority of patients opens up the prospect of using generic algorithm in a device for most patients,  and personalization of the algorithm for the few patients who turns out to have many false detections.  To market these devices in the consumer market, this should be part of the instructions manual and user information before purchase.  

It is understandable that some epilepsy patients may expect a smartwatch which can act as a mini caretaker, a device which can monitor their nervous system, and warn them of an impending seizure.  Today, this is still limited by the lack of biomarkers that can predict/diagnose Epilepsy.  The patient won’t know he/she is a Epilepsy patient until he/she undergoes the cumbersome process of a video-EEG(Electroencephalography) in the hospital/clinic after he/she has the first and second seizure.  The Epilepsy Foundation is still looking for potential biomarkers which can diagnose a epileptic seizure before the patient has the first one.  I hope there will be a breakthrough in this aspect which would be good news to the patients.

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