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ATLAS NYC is a team of professional property managers who support the real estate community in New York City. We specialize in condominium, cooperative, and multi-unit building management. Our clients and community are always our main priority, and we are fully licensed and insured providing services in all areas of New York City.


Management Service Team

Our management team includes experienced and trained property managers, construction managers, light plumbers, real estate agents, and accountants. Our team of property managers will put in place maintenance standards and procedures for your property and will work directly with your Condominium and Cooperative Boards and individual owners to ensure that they get what they want and need. We keep our clients updated throughout the process.



We provide the most up-to-date, secure, and user-friendly financial management software on the market. Allowing our clients and tenants to view, pay, and access their accounts from anywhere at any time. Our accounting staff works directly with this software, which connects to your financial institution, ensuring complete transparency, accountability, and access to your financial information at all times.


24 Hour Service

A lot of people have forgotten the importance of customer service. That is not the case with us. Any of our customers will attest to this. You can always get in touch with us. We provide a 24-hour service to ensure that you can reach us in an emergency.



We value our clients and work hard to provide them with the best value for their money while also providing top-notch service to their properties. Due to our strong connection with the NYC community, we have obtained good deals from top manufacturers, passing them to our clients.


With ATLAS NYC, you'll be part of a "family" of skilled professionals who value their clients and recognize their contribution to our client's success. Our managers are available via SMS and email, and offices are open weekly. Whether it's project management, applying best practices for preventative maintenance, or connecting with owners and renters to understand their needs, the organization is here to help you achieve your short and long-term objectives.


Efficient, Value-Driven, Best Property Management Company in NYC

ATLAS NYC has assessed NYC's most competent and qualified contractors for over a decade. We have trusted, established, and respected suppliers in the area if you need a plumber, electrician, roofer, or cleaning business for your facility. These suppliers are used by our team and in our Construction Management projects. We pass the cost savings to our clients.


Our user-friendly platform allows our clients and tenants to check payment history, make rental and fee payments online, and view the account history of their building as the Owner or Board Member.


Customer service is a top concern for us. We maintain regular office hours and are committed to promptly addressing your calls, texts, and emails. In our industry, communication is crucial.


ATLAS NYC's : : mission is to provide the best value to our clients while providing exceptional service to their properties and residences. We like what we do and strive to provide the best service to our customers. Connect with us, and see how the best Property management company in NYC works.

SSD Chemical Solution Resources – S06-E30-GCL-19492022

In this SSD Chemical Solution Resources file – S06/E30/GCL-19492022 compiled by Dr. Bernardino Ekane, a Senior Research Chemist (SRC) from the Gemonog Chemical Laboratory, you will learn and discover valuable information about the SSD chemical that will help you understand the solutions better.


Basically, these are compilations of SSD chemical solutions AIR published on Memoir by SSD chemical professionals and experts around the world, to help spread the knowledge of SSD chemical solutions and clear understanding for people who want to know or learn about this laboratory researched and produced chemicals, for DFX banknotes recovery.


Let's dive right in with the very first question, which will follow with subsequent SSD chemical questions from worldwide seekers.


I. What is SSD chemical:

SSD chemical is a solution cleaning substance, mostly in the form of a liquid, powder and even solid. These SSD solutions are researched and developed in standard chemical laboratory, used for cleaning security coated defaced notes (SCDN).


The SSD chemical helps to remove the security coating firm on a dyed or pigmented banknote in order to bring it back to its original and usable form. [SSD/2128]


II. How to make SSD chemical:

SSD chemical is a laboratory produced solution substance used for cleaning DFX banknotes. To make the SSD chemical, you must have a Ph.D in chemistry to be eligibly qualified to produce or make the SSD chemical. Not just anyone can make the solutions.


A PhD in Chemistry is a doctoral degree in one of the branches of Science that spans over a period of 3-6 years. It is a detailed academic study and research, and completes with the submission of an academic thesis on the subject that you engaged in research with.


III. How can I get SSD Chemical:

SSD chemical, being one of the most delicate products to find, has caused thousands of people to fall victim in fake chemicals. How to get original SSD chemical is a measure concern for buyers, for both online or offline purchases.


Below I will list for you how you can get SSD chemical, safely.


1. Visit

2. Search “SSD chemical for sale by GCL” to buy ORIGINAL chemical for cleaning your DFX banknotes.

3. For your payment security, insist to pay with Credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.


IV. Why is SSD chemical becoming common:

SSD chemical is becoming common because many people around the world now needs the solutions. Initially, say like 2 decades before now, SSD chemical was not that common as it seems to be today. Perhaps that is because the world was not yet as evil as it is now.


As we all know, that money creates chaos, and in Biblical context too, it says; “the love of money is the root to all evil”. In today 21st century, money has occupied the mind of everyone, causing the hunts for it. In this hunt, many people turn to make money the illegal way, and in the black market economy, to transport huge amount of money in cash, commonly known as “money laundering”, these cash needs to be defaced with security coating firms for easy transportation from one place to another.


The banknotes defacing process to remove the security coated layer on the money, is where the use of an SSD chemical solution is needed. And today this types of transactions is huge, and demanding more chemicals in the market, which causes the chemical to becoming common.


V. What is SSD chemical research:

In chemistry, precisely relative to SCDN, SSD chemical research is the study and discovery of solution chemical substances in various forms from liquid, powder, mercuric and solid states. The purpose of the SSD chemical research is to find out the appropriate solution for the cleaning of DFX banknotes.


VI. What is SSD chemical boiling point:

Generally, there is not yet any standard SSD chemical boiling point stated, chemically. However; According to a recent research by Dr. OlufZukulanious, an Azerbaijan SSD researcher; Assumes that the boiling point for SSD chemical solution is 1100% +- degrees.


SSD chemical boiling point will vary as the chemical production intentions varies, in terms of forms, cleaning requirement, DFX note type and the SSD firm chemical element used for coating.


VII. What is SSD chemical used for:

SSD chemical is a liquid, powder or solid substance, researched and produced in chemical laboratories that are used as a cleaning solution for the security coated defaced notes (SCDN) or commonly called the “DFX banknotes”.


In 2018, $22.49B was cleaned to original FIAT currencies using the SSD chemical, ranging from synthetic, automatic and universal solutions. GCL is a key source for detailed studies about SSD chemicals.


VIII. Is SSD solution chemical toxic:

Yes, SSD solution chemical is toxic. The SSD chemical is composed of 11 difference types of solutions chemical agents, where 4 of these chemicals are highly toxic. During the chemical preparation, composition and formulation process, if accidentally you inhale these chemicals properties, it is tantamount to cause death. Reasons why it is highly recommended by experts, to always wear PPE when dealing with chemicals such as SSD solution.


The 4 chemical elements found in the composition or chemical compound of SSD solution are categorized under “A Chemical Weapon”, as these chemical substances can cause human death or harm through its toxic properties. These four chemical properties type contribute to 88% of the explosive agents found in SSD solution.


IX. What is universal SSD solution chemical:

In DFX banknotes cleaning; The “universal SSD solution chemical” is a compound chemical type of the SSD solution A21 criteria, which has the tendency and reaction power to clean any type of security coated defaced banknote of conservative length from 50 years ago and above, irrespective of the DFX notes coating type, age, currency and denomination.


Under the universal SSD solution chemical compound, you can also find the organic and automatic chemical type in the same SSD solution A21 criteria. [SSD/2218]


X. How much is the SSD chemical:

The SSD chemical, a solution researched and produced to clean the DFX banknotes is cost $28,500 USD in the U.S and around $55,000 USD in the UAE, India and Oman.


According to Black Market News on Twitter, the GCL produces and supplies over 4,000,000 tons of SSD chemical solutions worldwide, which gives a rough CPT of up to $10.58T USD of DFX banknotes cleaned, as mentioned in a PR by Gemonog Chemical Laboratory.


XI. How to clean your DFX banknotes:

To clean your security coated defaced notes (SCDN), or DFX banknotes to clear and usable money, you will need three things. These are laboratory materials or solution requirements which you will need to complete a perfect cleaning process of your DFX money yourself.


1. The SSD liquid chemical.

2. HU2 activation powder.

3. MUMUT anti-virus spray.


With the above mentioned solution chemicals, you will need in addition a small stainless bowl of roughly 2,000 mL and wide mouth. Apply the MUMUT anti-virus spray on the note first, if your notes is aged more than 12 months, then the HU2 powder and place it inside the stainless bowl, blend or shake the SSD chemicals and pour it on the notes gently to avoid note damage, according to your instruction manual. Please follow all health & safety measures in your manual.


If it is an automatic SSD chemical, it will do the cleaning automatically, but if it is the normal chemical, you’ll need to do the cleaning manually with your hands, or better still use the laser machine for fast cleaning when having large amount of DFX banknotes in stock.



Subject: SSD chemical

File: S06/E30/GCL-19492022

Type: Encyclo

Sections: Straight Drop X11

Written by: Dr. Bernard Ekane

Released: 2021

Compiled by: Dr. GurashJupita

Originally published on: IO


*DISCLAIMER: This content is published for educational and research purposes only, and does NOT intent to promote any illegal activities whatsoever.


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MoneySense Chapter 1: Lots of People Want Your Property

They’re after your property. They’re after your assets. They’re after your earnings.


Indeed, from the first day you start earning money until the last day that you can earn money until the day you die, they’re leering at your wealth. They’re lusting for it.


  • Who Are They?
  • They are the wealth destroyers.
  • They are numerous.
  • They are all around you.

They could have a terrible effect on your life if you are not careful. This book will help you identify some of them and limit the damage they can do.


They, the wealth destroyers, are in no particular order the following: the government, some of your pushy, shameless relatives, the government, your personal needs, the government, your wife, your husband, jealous neighbors, the government, distant relatives who suddenly contact you when you are doing well, credit card companies, pushy populist pols on the hustings with plans for bigger governments with little or no mention of how to pay for them, your increasing health care costs as you age, the declining value of those dollars in your pocket owing to the over creation of money with the resulting reduction of your buying power through inflation. All of these wear on your wealth. And finally, of course, the government.


And, by the way, don’t forget the government. That’s because, where your wealth is concerned, it never forgets.


These are among myriad enemies or potential enemies of would-be wealth creation or preservation. Battling them, keeping them from taking over your life, is one of the subjects of this book.


Dreams Becoming Nightmares

Each of the wealth destroyers will sap your wealth, aborting your efforts to create an independent lifestyle. They will end your dreams of taking it easy while you still have your original teeth. They can destroy your plans for a house in a lovely suburban community, or an apartment in the center of the city or a lovely getaway somewhere that hasn’t been overrun by traffic.


Do you want any or more of these things? And are you an average person who will earn a middle-class income over the course of a lifetime? Then what is your plan to build, protect and preserve wealth? In this age of ever higher taxation and runaway consumerism, an age that could send almost anyone scrambling for bankruptcy protection, everyone needs a plan to accumulate and protect wealth.


Looking for the Holy Grail? It Isn’t Here.

MoneySense isn’t the Holy Grail of wealth creation. I certainly don’t have the name of a hot stock that will make you a millionaire overnight.


I don’t have a Hillary Clinton cattle futures tip for you. I also can’t provide you and yours with the political pull to obtain tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks that someone like Donald Trump obtained in his years as a New York builder. However, I am someone who, along with my wife, started with almost nothing.


Today, my wife, the ever-comely Suzanne Hall, and I are comfortable. We are financially independent even as markets are crashing from time to time because the country is in a recession or possibly on the verge of a depression.


My wife is a former airplane mechanic, now playwright. I am a business journalist who is anything but a household name. I am an aging pot-bellied Babbitt living deep in the heart in Bunkerland (Archie’s house is about two neighborhoods away. I often walk over there, since I don’t have a car, and gawk). I never made it to bigtime journalism, but I made a decent living over some four decades.


Neither of us has ever made a ton of money. I never worked for the big boys of the business—the New York Times or one of the networks.


The best I could was as a part-time business reporter for the New York Post business section for some 18 years and various other small, unremarkable business publications such as Financial Advisor, Financial Planning and Traders Magazine as well as various web sites such as the Epoch Times, InsideSources and the Future of Freedom Foundation.


My wife worked for Delta Airlines for some ten years, her last full-time job. She has had some of her plays produced off-Broadway but, to date, neither of us has ever earned huge amounts of geld.

So how did we achieve financial independence without ever earning a bundle; achieving the right to never have to ride the egregious E-train to Manhattan ever again if that is our wish?


We worked hard, spent sensibly, saved and invested consistently over a number of years—about 25 years—and had a saving, investing and spending plan that we followed in bad times as well as good. Our success is in part because I have dealt with some brilliant people over the course of many years. Some of them have forgotten more about money management than I will ever know.


But by listening, observing and writing, I have learned some techniques of wealth creation and destruction. By the way, avoiding the latter is as important as doing the former. You win in life and personal finance by minimizing mistakes as well as doing smart things.


It is one of themes of this book that it is just as important to protect your wealth as it is to amass it; that, in personal finance, playing defense is at least as important as playing offense (Maybe more; championship teams in almost any sport often have a defense first philosophy). Most of the techniques I recommend are not rocket science. Most of them are based on commonsense. But commonsense ideas, the same as basic principles of individual liberty, sometimes need to be repeated from time to time, need to be passed from one generation to the next, or they are lost.


A lot of Americans are lost when it comes to their money as well their understanding of the blessings of liberty.


That’s obvious today. It is a time when credit card debt numbers and bankruptcies are huge in part because many people thought the government would take care of them, no matter their circumstances.


How does one avoid these problems?

This book is an accumulation of the wisdom of many people who I have met in my decades in business journalism. It also contains various stories of how average people met financial disaster, most of which could have been avoided.


I believe that it can help you, the average person, with a middle-class, or below middle-class, income arrive at the same place: Financial independence. I believe that one doesn’t have to make a bundle to achieve independence. A middle-class income or even something less can reach this goal. However, you should be patient, disciplined and follow automatic saving, investing and spending techniques that I will recommend that I hope you will eventually take for granted.



Achieving MoneySense independence requires a commitment to a plan over years, possibly decades. It is designed with younger people in mind. But middle-aged people can also benefit. And, at the end of the book, I also offer effective ways for those who are retired with a decent amount of assets to ensure that they will reduce their chances of running out of money.


But it all begins with a commitment by you and your loved ones.


When my wife and I agreed to saving, investing and working toward financial independence we had almost nothing. We had lost a lot of time. We were already in our late 30s when we wed at the end of 1987. That was the year of the stock market crash. But I think that the principles of MoneySense can even help those in their 50s and 60s, although obviously it is more challenging for them than someone with his or her prime earnings years still ahead.


Who Are You, Dear Reader?

Possibly you are someone who has taken the first steps to achieving these goals that only substantial wealth can bring. Possibly you haven’t done a thing about your finances but you want to begin now. This book is for you.


Remember, despite any success you may have had, there are so many ways that you can be tripped up. How? More on this in our next segment.

Are you enjoying this book? Then why not buy the entire book now. For $3 the entire book can be delivered to your computer. Here’s how: Purchase the book at the following link now for just $3 [Click HERE to purchase the eBook] :


Article Source:

Interview with C&C Green Rhino CEO and Founder

C & C GreenRhino Trucking LLC

GreenRhino LLC is a transportation, real estate, and construction company that offers its services by providing high-quality products in the construction and building sector with well-trained architects, professionals, and contractors. They understand what it takes to satisfy customers' needs and build a healthy relationship with them.


C & C GreenRhino LLC Motive

A company's primary motive is to strive to bring ease to its consumers by introducing valuable products in the market. They believe in maintaining the relationship of honesty and respect with their consumers. The head office of the C & C GreenRhino is located in Pennsylvania and Maryland USA.


About the Owner- A Brief Introduction

The C & C GreenRhino Company was founded by Elvis Wanda-Eze who is also the CEO of architectural and technological companies Wanda Dezine and director of Elvachi Pharmacies. He is an architect and an entrepreneur dedicated to providing consumers with top-notch products in various sectors.


In What Ways Do They Help Their Consumers?

  • The C & C GreenRhino has groups of siling ships that travel all over the United States. These contain both automatic and manual trucks.
  • They also offer real estate services that build and fix commercial and residential properties.
  • With the manufacturing of valuable products, including clothing, safety, construction tools, cleaning, technology, and apparel and masks, GreenRhino has made itself a well-known brand.


Elvachi Pharmacy and Stores

Elvachi pharmacy and stores were inaugurated by the Elvis Wanda Eze and Lisa Wanda to provide the services in the medical and health sector. The company was formed in 2018 and is headquartered in Nigeria, Abuja.


What are They Aiming to Provide in the Future?

At GreenRhino, the company constantly strives to provide its consumers with the best and high-quality products to ensure they get what they ask for. They believe in uniting the world for next-generation solutions.


Moreover, the company is developing sustainable and reliable construction and architectural programs and continues to provide solutions in almost every sector.


What Do Their Customers Have to Say About Their Services?

"They started working on my rooftop, and everything went fine. The company was very concerned about whether or not I was satisfied with their services. Their labor is hardworking and focused on their job. I leaked after three days of rain, and they fixed it at no cost. I would want to work with them." John.


"I contacted the company for the installation of my roof and sidings. All the work was done without any hassle and trouble. They came on a single phone call to provide the services and were very respectful. The roofers did a wonderful job on my roof at reasonable rates." David.


Bottomline- C & C GreenRhino Trucking LLC

The company is dedicated to providing the outclass architectural and construction services. They are keen on serving the consumers with high-quality products and are willing to serve them in several sectors.


Furthermore, they believe in maintaining a better and safe environment for their consumer by manufacturing various products. Whether they are cleaning products, safety, or clothing, they are concerned about the protection of their consumers and continue to do so in the future as well. They are serving the customers the best they can.


For more visit our website here:

Self Neglect was the Root of All My Problems, and It’s Likely Yours Too

Many women neglect themselves because they have big hearts and not enough love for themselves. It’s pretty common for women in general, but there’s a tendency for Generation X and older to do this because that was considered “normal” feminine behavior. The biggest challenge these women face is realizing that they are worthy of self care, and that it’s absolutely necessary if they want to keep on giving to the people they care about most.


Self Care Ideas for Women

I know this well because I’m a Gen-X woman who used to believe that my worth was based on how much I could give to other people and get them to like me.


Recognizing Self Neglect

My mother is a self-professed giver. She’ll give you her last crumb of food even though she’s passing out from starvation herself. People really love my mom for this, as do I, but at some point it gets ridiculous. Like the time my mom spent nearly $300 and stayed up all night to make centerpieces for a church function simply because she was afraid they wouldn’t “like” her anymore if she didn’t make them “perfect,” (and they ended up not using the centerpieces because they were too big). This was my model for being a woman, someone who will give and give until there’s nothing left.


It first manifested for me when I was in my 30s and had a high-stress job. As a trade show marketing manager for a software company, I was responsible for pulling off nearly 40 flawless events a year within an annual $1 million budget (talk about pressure). One time a $60K audio/visual set-up wasn’t working one hour before show time, and my megalomaniac CEO ripped me a new one in front of my co-workers after I had been working for 12 hours straight with little sleep and even less food. Later that night I had the mother of all panic attacks that made me realize I couldn’t do that job any more.


But situations like that kept happening to me as I tried to over-deliver and under-nourish myself at work, as a daughter, as a mother, and as a wife.


When I turned 50, my body began to yell at me from overworking: migraines, digestive issues, severe sciatica, poor sleep, agitation, and weight gain.


It finally took a global pandemic for me to realize that I had to change how I was living my life if I wanted to be around for my family longer than a few years into the future.


Taking Care of Yourself

The first thing I did was quit my job as a marketing content manager in the corporate world. I hadn’t migrated too far from that job I had when I was in my 30s because all my experience and connections were in a productivity, hustle-based industry. While this was a healthy thing for me to do, it was damn scary because I still had to figure out a way to earn a living…at 50+ years old, during a pandemic.


But I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I decided to go back to my yoga (I had practiced on-and-off for nearly 20 years) and become a yoga instructor so I signed up for a 200-hour yoga alliance training. To my surprise, there was an area of study called “Yoga for Healthy Aging,” that was exactly what I needed at the age of 52. This gentler practice focuses on building and maintaining flexibility, strength, agility, and equanimity as you age.


Then I found a holistic nutrition certification program and began to adopt a plant-based diet. I also took a meditation teacher certification training. And it all started to come together. The more I practiced yoga, healthy eating, and meditation, the more at ease I became with whatever was happening…even if people didn’t like me or what I wasn’t doing for them.


Not only did all this learning help me figure who I really am without giving so much, but it also helped me survive and thrive during those crazy times in 2020 and 2021. I began to see that as long as I take care of myself, everything else kind of falls into place. My family started to notice saying things like: “you seem really calm,” or “you didn’t freak out like you usually do.”


Making Self Care a Non-negotiable

There are many definitions for self care activities these days. But I define self-care as taking care of my whole self. This includes nourishing my body and mind, resetting and restoring my body and mind, moving my body every day, and connecting with positive, uplifting people.


I can’t be there fully for people who need me if I don’t do these things because I’ve learned that over-giving, over-doing, and over-committing depletes me. It doesn’t make me a better person, it does the opposite. I get resentful, angry, and not fun to be with.


Graciously saying “no,” to things I can’t fully commit to and setting boundaries based on my strengths and weaknesses has been how I show people that my importance of self care is non-negotiable because I’m worth it. Ironically, I’ve found that most people respect me rather than get mad at me when I’m honest and upfront with them. It took me nearly forty years to figure this out. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, it won’t take you that long to make your own self care a priority.


Dana Leipold is a yoga instructor, wellness coach, holistic nutritionist, wife, and mother. Since 2020, she has helped her clients care for and come back to themselves with simple holistic wellness and nutrition practices. They feel centered, rejuvenated, and strong with a way to sustain self care so they can share their gifts with a world in need. Find out more by visiting:

Trust Smart Solutions and Payscript join hands to enable crypto payment acceptance on POS in Middle East

Crypto Platform-As-A-Service offering will change the payments landscape


Trust Smart Solutions (TSS), a leading provider of payment technology and services in Middle East and North Africa join hands with Payscript, an innovative global company with focus on digital assets to enable the Crypto Payment Acceptance on Point of Sales Terminals.


Payscript is an all-inclusive Crypto Solutions-as-a-Service platform that aims at bridging the gap between the merchants’ accepting cryptocurrencies and the owners of cryptocurrencies.


Trust Smart Solutions is a regional payment technology provider, enabling acquirers, processors and banks with payment acceptance infrastructure empowered by an ecosystem of value-added services to drive impact and revenue across different payment channels.


TSS is also a channel partner with PAX Technology in the region for supply of PAX POS Terminals and Other Solutions.


Payscript Platform allows users to do crypto payment by different channels including sending and receiving payments, accepting payments on E-commerce stores and online websites, as well as physical Point-Of-Sale transactions in Retails Stores and Cafes.


The platform will be delivered in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model in TSS’ operating markets, which brings an element of efficiency and scalability to banks that participate in the platform ecosystem. The platform comes with a core focus to accelerate the adoption of Crypto Platoform Payments, providing the platform to bank/Financial Institution and Merchants as an alternative payment channel and additional revenue streams.


This Tie-up will not only expedite intersectional user adoption between those seeking crypto payment solutions, but it will also open opportunities for a host of new offerings.


Crypto payments adoption has seen a rapid growth in MENA in the last one year, with a plethora of offerings introduced in MENA markets. Entrance of new crypto exchanges in MENA region and major interest shown by various corporates in Crypto and Metaverse economy drives TSS and Payscript to come jointly in the market and provide a platform for smooth adoption of new emerging economy and provide the solutions to banks/financial institution to become key enabler.


Mr. Tamim Halawani, Deputy General Manager of Trust Smart Solutions commented “Crypto is at the forefront of payment innovation globally, addressing high-impact use cases across the merchant-consumer ecosystem. We firmly believe that our partnership with Payscript will democratize access to the crypto universe and drive seamless adoption across various payment channels”.


Mr. Nadeem Shaikh, CEO of Payscript commented “Cryptography is going to be the future of money, whether it’s Bitcoin or Stable Coin or Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) still needs to be seen but it’s inevitable. Crypto provides a better, transparent, secure framework for managing money. Our partnership with Trust Smart Solutions will enable merchants across Middle East and North Africa to accept crypto payments on the point-of-sale terminals directly in addition to cards! Isn’t that amazing? I am super excited about the partnership and the opportunities lying ahead”.


The Partnership was announced at Seamless Middle East at Dubai World Trade Center, a world leading exhibition & conference in payments, fintech, e-commerce, retail & identity.

Nadeem was also invited to represent Payscript at Seamless conference amongst 350+ biggest brands where he talks amazingly about Cryptocurrencies, Digital Dollars and the Future of Money.


About Trust Smart Solutions

Trust Smart Solutions is a payment technology provider and Fintech enabler, building and deploying solutions that enable banks and merchants to utilize payment acceptance infrastructure and technology. TSS’ payment portfolio is empowered with value-added services and solutions that help clients create differentiated channels of revenue and client retention. TSS’ footprint spans across the Middle East, working with major banks, telcos, retailers, and F&Bs in the region.


About Payscript 

Payscript is an Australia based Crypto Platform provider with focus on providing white labeled Crypto Platforms solutions to the Banks and Financial Institutions in emerging economies. Payscript have created simple and easy to use software for Digital Wallets, Digital Currency Exchange, Point of Sale transactions and Crypto Payment Gateway Widgets that empower merchants to start accepting crypto payments via multiple channels. Payscript’s powerful APIs allow for the complete solution feature set to be integrated natively in existing mobile/web applications and platforms. 


Whether you are an E-commerce store/Marketplace or a financial institution such as a Bank, using our configurable API you can take full control and incorporate crypto into your business however you see fit.


For more details checkout also here :

Why Should You Choose Dedicated SMTP Server for Cold Emailing Over Popular ESPs. Does Cold Email Possible and Viable?

The answer is cold email is quite possible and very economical. Let’s see how.

If you are running cold email campaigns, you must have gone through the following scenarios.


1. Campaign got blocked no reason was given -

2. Suddenly account got blocked no reason was given -

3. Emails delivering too slow -

4. Emails delivered but zero open rate -


We as For the last two years, we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses in cold emailing from which we have gained considerable experience in bulk emailing, especially how cold emailing works.


Before we talk about the title justification of this article, let’s get to know a little about why many Email Service Providers (ESP) never support cold email marketing fearing the following factors.


Email list collected for cold email campaigns mostly either purchased from third parties or scraped from forums or open web pages that have a high probability of spam trap/honeypot emails and invalid emails. Emails that are not verified and scraped will damage the reputation of IPs and domains of ESPs.


Massive maintenance work for changing IPs, delisting, infrastructure, etc.


Sender anonymity - Cold emailing has a high probability of being spam and scam campaigns that will damage the reputation of ESPs.


Hence most of ESPs support opt-in emails that have less probability of being spam and scam campaigns that will make ESPs run their business smoothly without much expenditure.


“The amount of human efforts and infrastructure involved in cold emailing is 5 times more than the opt-in email campaigns


But most of the ESP are charging high prices from their customers equivalent to cold email campaigns”


How can we make sending cold emails possible


We have two ways

1. Choose an ESP who supports cold emailing -

2. Build your dedicated SMTP server with no boundaries -

Choose an ESP who supports cold emailing


Few say that they support cold emailing but conditions apply such as limited bounce rate (that is good actually), lack of support, sharing knowledge, and lack of SMTP maintenance to which most of your emails will land in spam and the open rate is going to be too low.


Negative : You will be controlled by ESP, with no transparency on the SMTP server. Most of the ESP has a lack of sending emails like human activity.


Adcrux supports cold emailing, we have a dedicated team to change SMTP servers when their IPs or sending domains get blacklisted. We constantly check the IPs and domains status to make sure you get quality SMTP servers. And all our servers are prewarmed up servers.


Adcrux sends emails like human activity, It is very dynamic and easy to change the numbers at any given time.


Check the adcrux pricing for cold emailing by clicking here….


Build your dedicated SMTP server

Having a dedicated SMTP server will give you complete control over your campaigns. But you need a team to maintain an SMTP server.


Major maintenance tasks

  • 1. SMTP deployment - You need to choose the best SMTP server
  • 2. Build SMTP with multiple IP addresses
  • 3. Warmup IPs and domain like human activity
  • 4. Keep checking IPs and Domain status of being blacklisted
  • 5. Change or disable IP if IP gets blacklisted, submit a request for delisting the IP


What if this whole system and service are available at $150 / month wherein you get 3 dedicated IPs.


Adcrux has around 300+ dedicated SMTP clients and they are smoothly running their cold email campaigns without a single blocker. No one blocks their campaigns.


To conclude, cold email campaigns are quite possible and very economical compared with the prices that charge for opt-in emails. Each cold mail costs you 0.00025$.


We will share case studies of a few clients who are using adcrux for cold email campaigns in subsequent articles.


For queries reach us at and visit our website

Best Property Management Companies in NYC – Atlasnyc

Best Property Management in NYC has detailed responsive, and reliable Condo and Townhouse property management services.


ATLAS NYC only works for the interest of New York property buyers. Our objective is to assist you in finding a better property at a decent cost.


ATLAS NYC Property Management creates a seamless process when investing in property in the world's largest real estate market. We manage every part of buying, leasing, and managing property in New York City so you may have a successful and stress-free experience. If you want to rent out your investment property, ATLAS NYC Property Management will help you identify and screen tenants, as well as provide comprehensive property management services.


We specialize in managing individual condo and single and multi-family townhouse properties, so we can provide hands-on services and staff to meet the needs of our selective clients whether you reside locally or abroad.


Our Services includes, But Not Limited To:

  • Hiring courteous maintenance personnel that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Immediate response to maintenance requests, reducing the need for costly repairs
  • Finding renters and vetting potential tenants for credit/background
  • Preparing leases and applications for review by tenant condo/co-op boards
  • Billing tenants and collecting payments
  • Establish bank operating and security accounts.
  • Taking care of the mortgage, charges, taxes, insurance, and other costs.
  • Online landlord/tenant access to financial statements, work orders, papers, and so on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Unit inspections as needed
  • Seeking resale customers


ATLAS NYC Management also provides full general ledger accounting, tenant statement generation, and other services in addition to basic income and cost tracking. Property owners can obtain extensive reports, such as rent collection, work orders, progress updates, expense reports, lease agreements, notices online.


The Management offers a comprehensive service, as well as a large network of contractors, designers, vendors, and maintenance specialists.


What Makes Us Different

As one of the best property management nyc in New York, we have several advantages over the competition. To start with, we are a homeowner's agency that only works with buyers. All of our representatives have considerable training and negotiation expertise in the home-buying process. Please work with us. Rest assured that you will be guided during the entire purchasing process. Every client's goal is to work closely with them to discover their most important needs and desires in their house search. We'll narrow down the search to only the properties worth considering within your budget once we know what you're looking for.


In New York City, the home-buying process may be stressful and time-consuming. However, with one of our agents on your side, you can be confident that you will find the perfect home at the ideal price and terms. Most of all, the vendor pays our fee.


Our Goals and Objectives

ATLAS NYC property management strives to give all our clients expert advice and guidance throughout the purchasing process. Our goal is to help you find the perfect house or investment property that will outperform the market. All while maintaining a high level of loyalty, fiduciary responsibility, and exceptional service.


Every step of the way, we strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, accountability, and trust. Our mission is to constantly work in our clients' best interests by assisting them in finding a home that meets their needs, is within their budget, and is positioned to provide them with long-term value in the future. Contact us today if you want to take advantage of our commitment to our clients and integrity in service.

Nembutal a Sodium Solution – Benefits and Sources by NembutalGroup

Nembutal Sodium Solution and potassium are another pair of minerals that complement each other's bodily functions and are related to water balance and are vital to life. Sodium is mainly present in the extracellular fluid and very little inside the cells. This is the opposite of the order of potassium, which is mainly found in cells and rarely in extracellular fluids.


Where to buy Nembutal

Total sodium in the body equals 0.1% of body weight, or about 100 mg, and is present in all body fluids. Its distribution is: sodium in plasma - 340 mg %, 65 mg % in blood cells, 200 mg % in whole blood, 330 mg % in cerebrospinal fluid; sodium chloride - 560-630 mg in plasma, 35--550 mg mg whole blood, 650-750 mg cerebrospinal fluid per 100 ml.

Recommended Daily Intake: The daily requirement for sodium chloride is 10-15, but consumption is usually much higher. Sodium chloride requirements depend on climate, occupation and physical activity. People who do hard work need more.


Nembutal for sale

Its excess intake is far more dangerous than its consumption, which can be corrected with food. Overdose can lead to increased blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, congestive heart disease, kidney disease, water retention, and even stomach ulcers.


Dietary sources: Sodium is found in many foods, such as milk and vegetables, and is added as table salt during cooking. It is found in whole wheat flour, bread, celery, bananas, water, milk, lotus, dried stems, beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables; beetroot, fruit, fish and meat, and all daily diets. Not enough sodium is present in food to meet daily seed needs, so sodium chloride is added to the diet.


Order Nembutal by mail

BODY FUNCTIONS: Sodium is necessary for digestion and elimination of carbon dioxide. Sodium in plasma provides more than 90% of the body's total alkalinity. It works in the body as sodium ions or sodium compounds. As a sodium ion, its function is to:

1) Essential to the normal function of cells.

2) Essential for muscle contraction.

3) Initiate and maintain cardiac contractions.

4) Exciting nerves, contrary to calcium ions, has nerve excitability.

5) Helps in glucose absorption and transport of other nutrients across cell membranes.


As a Nembutal Sodium Solution compound, such as chloride, bicarbonate, phosphate, protein salt, etc., its functions are:

1) Maintenance of blood reaction as buffer and chloride transfer phenomenon.

2) Controls the urinary response by altering the ratio of acidic and basic phosphates in the kidneys.

3) Sodium carbonate regulates the response of pancreatic juice and bile.

4) Maintain osmotic pressure, as sodium chloride is the main regulator of body fluid pressure.

5) Helps in the formation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice because sodium chloride participates in various reactions in the stomach.

6) Corrects defective fat absorption.

7) Maintain water balance.


Purchase Nembutal Oral Liquid

When carbon dioxide enters the blood, the chlorine in the plasma enters the red blood cells, and the alkali (sodium) is left behind. When carbon dioxide escapes from the blood, chlorine leaves the cells, enters the plasma and binds again to the base (sodium). Due to this alternating movement of chloride ions, this phenomenon is called chloride shift.


For more detail checkout our website here:

Quality Ocean Freight Shipping and Logistics By Nilesud

The transportation of goods from the manufacturing unit to the warehouse is the sole responsibility of the shipping and logistics company. They are also responsible for facilitating shipments between manufacturing units and distributors. They provide complete control over supply chain, distribution and logistics. In addition, they provide manufacturers with shipping management and other procurement and storage services.


Transportation and logistics service providers help manufacturers and transporters efficiently move goods from one place to another, regardless of the volume of goods. Their shipping methods allow them to design and deliver the perfect shipping solution, offering multiple modes to ensure goods arrive on time. They combine resources and carrier procurement expertise to work in a productive manner.


With the help of transportation solutions provided by logistics companies, customers can obtain cutting-edge management systems configured according to their specifications. They've also added robust operating procedures and other resources to help turn their shipping process into a reliable competitive advantage. Due to different types of business needs, shipping and logistics companies offer a range of shipping solutions to customers around the world.

Whether you operate in the global oil and gas industry, manufacturing or construction equipment industry, doing business can be highly profitable as long as you have the right shipping and freight forwarding partners. You can find professional shipping companies that offer a variety of reliable and cost-effective services.


Customs clearance assistance

When you ship, each shipment must meet customs formalities and regulations prior to customs clearance. A fully licensed customs clearance agent can help you process your shipments through customs quickly. These agents have deep industry knowledge, which they use to provide expert advice and guidance on matters related to tariffs, rules and regulations. They can also talk to you with custom files you need to work on and assist you with submitting your entry. Their assistance ensures smooth and legal customs clearance of your shipments at many ports and reduces the risk of customs interference.


Integrated Shipping Consulting Services

Professional shipping companies provide project logistics services that go beyond ocean shipping solutions. They assist clients in choosing the best mode to ship a particular shipment, advise on ports of arrival, help with inland transportation, and provide warehousing and distribution services. They provide solutions tailored around customer needs and help customers benefit from low landing costs and fast lead times. They can provide a wide range of services including maritime logistics, ship grooming, transport of hazardous or radioactive cargo, heavy transport and more.


Ocean Freight shipping and logistics

Outsourcing your inland freight forwarding requirements to a professional service provider will free you from the associated risks and liabilities. Reliable companies that offer freight forwarding services usually have a dedicated local team to manage inland transportation and a fleet of qualified vehicles that can deliver goods across the country. They can accommodate shipments of all sizes and deliver them on time and efficiently. If you're looking for fast, reliable, and cost-effective inland transportation without having to invest a lot of money or build your own independent network, these companies are your best option.


Warehousing and distribution solutions

When you ship, you may need warehousing and distribution solutions as these are critical aspects of the supply chain. Outsourcing to a reliable company ensures safe storage, careful handling and smooth transition of goods at every stage of the distribution cycle. Well-known shipping companies provide dedicated warehousing services to customers from all over the world. If required, they offer bonded warehousing services, inventory management, consolidation programs and complete packaging solutions. They have insurance against risks.


Transportation management solutions from freight service companies provide the perfect resources and visibility needed to manage business operations. Regardless of management needs, the system is designed to provide transparent services and help businesses achieve their goals. Whether you need to send small shipments or bulk shipments, a management solution can help with its capabilities. It supports different types of industrial transportation processes, including automotive, steel, chemical, consumer goods, raw materials, industrial, finished goods, life sciences, retail, technology and many others.


Transportation management solutions help move goods efficiently, profitably and efficiently. Features include:

1. A powerful solution to help move heavy loads with fewer resources.

2. A comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the business.

3. Advanced communication tools.


Freight shipping and logistics service companies that operate transportation management solutions provide optimal service, save time, and minimize errors. Keep your business safe from unseen risks with insurance from freight forwarders.


Today, most shipping and logistics companies use transportation management systems to provide reliable, reliable and competitive freight services. They offer advanced forms of service including order processing, shipment tracking and other freight services. Tracking purchase orders from ordering to shipment booking and final delivery of goods is a major advantage offered by freight companies. These companies also provide consulting services to clients. Consulting services include descriptions of country-specific documents, legal document requirements, transportation laws, and more. They have years of experience and expertise in providing information on shipping insurance, damage claim services and more.


The author is associated with Nilesud. Recognized as one of America's leading freight companies, Nilesud Logistics : : consistently provides reliable port-to-port and door-to-door ocean freight services; the company prides itself on exceptional prices, transit times, service and reliability.

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