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Guide to the CEQA Initial Study Checklist Kindle Version

Guide to the CEQA Initial Study Checklist Kindle Version

#86 in Land Use Law (Kindle Store)


The Guide to the Initial Study Checklist is the recipient of the State Merit Award from the California Association of Environmental Professionals.

CEQA, or the California Environmental Quality Act, is a statute that requires state and local agencie…

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5 Top Gift Ideas For Your Godchild


Being a godparent is a responsibility that begins at birth and spans a lifetime.Baby christening is your first shot at your new role.

At a loss of the perfect gift for your godson or goddaughter? A personalised christening baby gift is the perfect way to make sure you treat baby to a unique…

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Practical Suggestions To Improve Usability Of Landing Pages With Animation From Slides


Good functional animation makes a landing page not just more appealing, but also more usable. When done correctly, animation can turn a landing page from a sequence of sections into a carefully choreographed, memorable experience. Meet Slides, a framework that will help you use animation to c…

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What is CEQA and How Does it Involve Residential Housing Developments in California

3. Land Planning 411

What is CEQA?

CEQA, or the California Environmental Quality Act, is a statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions and to avoid or mitigate those impacts, if feasible.


When and why was it enacted?

The impetus…

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The Lighterside of City Planning CA

Gus Romo Development director

City planning is the nucleus of a community where residents with different views on politics regarding California land use can voice their opinions to their local city council and planning commission meeting.

Do a search on YouTube on planning commission or city council meetings to get a wide…

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Final Talking City Planning with Gus Romo

Romo Planning Group

Gus Romo, Permitted land use, California community development, city planning, land use planning, Gustavo Romo, Romo Planning Group, planning professionals California, CEQA, contract planning services California, land planning 411

Talking California Community Development, City and Land Use Pl…

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HTML Emails 101 For Web Developers

Email development and design is not easy, as email client suppliers have not been nearly as progressive as web browser suppliers are in implementing new standards. This article gives some insight into building and sending email.


If you are into web development, it’s likely that coding em…

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Diversey Your Investment Portfolio with New Investments in Cannabis in Asian Markets

Many believe that Philip Morris or British American Tobacco are the market leaders in tobacco distribution. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, the largest tobacco distributor is China National tobacco in terms of volume. Unfortunately these companies margins are being squeezed due to incr…

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Internship Experience with Sharp Circles

Who are you?

I am a Masters degree holder in Business Information Technology, from RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria, and I worked as an intern at Sharp Circles. Sharp Circles is an Australian SEO company, providing customer focused SEO packages in the form of no lock-in subscription plans suitable for s…

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What Successful Managers Look for in City and County Planning Services

Managers often find themselves in the position of looking for city and county planning services for a variety of reasons.


This can be for a short-term or longer period until a city or county is in the fiscal position to hire full-time employees.

land planning 411

Contract planning services support pla…

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Dating of Bisexual Couples Seeking Man


Whether you're fed up with the so-called typical dating scene or just need to try something new, dating sites for singles are a great place to meet singles and discover love on the web.

On the web as a whole, there are so many sites that provide food for specific needs that the decision is …

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The Online Dating site - Bi-sexualadultdating.Com

In this digital technology, everything can be searched over the internet. From shopping, to live streaming, video chatting, messaging to matchmaking. Name it and everything seems possible. Yes, the internet has made things possible even in that thing we could love, dating and finding the one for us.

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Dive Into The World of The Bi-Curious


So you’ve done it. You’ve got out of that toxic relationship or marriage that had been dragging you down for so long. You’ve been out and about on your own and kicking ass out there. You feel like you’ve started life all over again. Everything feels fresh and you want to explore ever…

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Debarati Dasgupta Sarkar - Bengali Famous Female Kolkata Playback & Live Stage Show Singer

Debarati Dasgupta Sarkar is been counted among the list of Kolkata singers and is among famous playback singer female from kolkata.

playback singer female

The first break in Bengali movies has been as a playback singer in the movie “CHHONYA” starring popular Bengali actors, Rudranil Ghosh, Tanushree and Rizu Biswas…

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International Women's Day


We cannot run short when listing all of the accomplishments that women have achieved over the past couple of years. It feels good to finally see that society is embracing the efforts that women have forged in numerous sectors. Women have been greatly shunned from experiencing almost all of the…

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Benefits of Ordering Pet Food from the Internet in Singapore


Like many pet owners, you may be working a full-time job and have pets that depend on you for food, treats, nutrition, toys, medical attention, cozy beds, and everything else that comes along with being a lucky pet owner. If you enjoy buying a lot of supplies and food for your four-legged frie…

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The Pros of Buying Pet Food Online in Singapore


Today, with the many advancements in technology, you can buy pet food online and have it delivered directly to your doorsteps. We’re going to cut to the chase and tell you about the pros of buying pet food online …

Online Pet Shop Singapore

Save Money

Hands down, when you buy pet food, pet supplies, or an…

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HTML Email Newsletter with Best Articles


Today, we’re happy to announce a cool freebie for you. A modern HTML email newsletter template by Designmodo and Postcards.

This Free HTML Email Template come with clean and elegant design also contain the crucial elements that will display your best articles in an elegant ways.

If …

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Ordering Dog Food Online in Singapore


Many people around the world have already started to order dog food online and if you haven’t already started doing so, then you may want to look into it. Trust us on this one, there are so many benefits to getting dog food and pet supplies via the World Wide Web.

Dog Food Singapore

Why Should You Order…

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Cat Food Online – Convenient Shopping in Singapore


As a cat owner, you only want the best food for your four-legged furry friend with a fluffy tail. You may have experienced times where you were trying to find the right food for your cat’s well-being and couldn’t find what you needed, because the local pet store didn’t carry it. Often times, o…

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