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Buy Inca Glow and Shampoo Backwash Unit in Canada

In many organizations, the Shampoo Backwash Unit (also known as the shampoo chair) is an important item necessary to provide quality services to customers. However, most organizations fail to pay proper attention when purchasing an organization, which in turn weakens the overall customer experience …

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Where to Buy Fanola with Beauty Supply Store - Kingdom Beauty

Now, organic diets have become the norm when it comes to taking care of skin, hair and overall health. Over the years, people have realized that no matter how attractive the advertisement, these chemical products will bring many side effects. Due to the frequent use of chemical hair care products, t…

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Revlon Hair Wax By Beauty Supply in Vancouver, Canada

No one likes excess hair on body parts. Traditionally, women appear delicate because of hair removal. But nowadays, even men choose a hairless appearance to get that kind of urban appearance. This hair removal boom has led to hundreds of hair removal products on the market. One of the most effective…

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Babyliss FX787G Trimmer By Beautician Supplies in Canada

Babyliss FX787G has a collection of hair straighteners, hair dryers, trimmers, hair clippers, curling irons, hair clips and special irons, which incorporate different types of heating surfaces and technologies.


The Nano Titanium series has a variety of different curling tongs, with differen…

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Andis Trimmer and Mint Curling Iron by Kingdom Beauty Supplies

The salon environment requires tools that can run for a long time and can run on multiple clients. For more than 90 years, Andis has provided the professional beauty industry with faders and Andis Trimmer that meet and exceed all its expectations.


Andis T Outliner is an ideal tool for light…

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The Incredible Value of Financial Planning For The Post Covid World

Covid-19 literally came out of nowhere and delivered a global shock like never before witnessed in the past century. Bringing death and financial ruin to people rich or poor.  However, those that were lucky to escape with good health and also prior financial planning are those best positioned to thr…

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Advanced Hygienization Treatment Sterilization Disinfection Service – Biosanitized

We are the evolution in hygiene and surface treatment Bio sanitized is an American company committed to providing our customers and partners with a safe and healthy environment. We are constantly dedicated to smart, modern and effective solutions.


We have the most modern and innovative ho…

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Salon furniture by Beauty Supply in Surrey, Vancouver

You may not pay attention to it often, especially after the necessary systems have been established, but salon furniture, barber chairs and other regular interior decorations should be carefully selected and placed on the salon accordingly.


Although there are many possible elements that can…

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Vancouver Beauty Supply - Barber Supplies Canada - Kingdom Beauty

One of my favorite things about Vancouver Beauty Supply stores is that you can find all kinds of things there. Unlike drugstores like Eckerd or Rite Aid that only dedicate one or two aisles to beauty products, beauty supply stores have thousands of things you can't even think of. In addition, the pr…

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Filing for Bankruptcy and COVID-19 By Ny-Bankruptcy

It is no surprise that bankruptcy filings due to COVID-19 related hardships have skyrocketed since the middle of March when New York State reported its first deaths from the Coronavirus and Governor Andrew Cuomo closed all nonessential businesses. According to Bloomberg News, “the pandemic has batte…

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Hair Salon in Vancouver - A Perfect Look to Your Face

Finding a good hair salon can be fraught with danger. After all, you put your hair in someone’s hands. If something goes wrong, you may have to wait a while before putting it back in place again. If you are looking for a new Hair Salon Vancouver, but you don't want to experience the horror of tria…

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Visit Hair Salon Coquitlam - For a Fantastic Prom Hairstyle

Early summer is the time of the year when people complete their degrees or go to high school, and then they begin to prepare to enter the real world. Most high schools and colleges organize proms or graduation parties so that those who leave can hold a final party with friends to celebrate the end o…

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Introducing Grey Style - A Streetwear Brand To Celebrate Entrepreneurship Culture

All around us are hardworking individuals who are striving to defy expectations and move humankind forward. Inspired by these nonconformists, entrepreneurs and disruptors, discoverGREY tells their stories through fashion.


Since 2016, discoverGREY has embarked into this uncharted territory. …

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Hair and Beauty Supply Store in Vancouver, Canada - Kingdom Beauty

In order to compete in the market and continue, it is essential to have the right personnel and equipment in any enterprise. If you have both of these abilities, you are likely to provide the best service to your customers. Having the right equipment will ensure that you have a smooth business opera…

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Beauty Supply and Salon Supplies in Calgary - KingdomBeauty

Are you looking for someone to build a profitable business? There are business opportunities almost everywhere, but of course, you need to choose the most passionate prospect. If you are passionate about beauty and all its related approaches, you should definitely consider investing in a Beauty Supp…

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ExpertClickRadio Interview on the Frankie Boyer Radio Show with Internationally Renowned Art Conservator Scott M. Haskins on Collecting

Here’s the fun 4 min interview clip: collectibles-valuable-art-china-pottery


Scott Haskins, internationally renown art conservator, YouTuber, blogger, author of the Save Your Stuff book ser…

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Why Microchip Your Treasured House Pet?

Learn to separate microchipping facts from fiction! Diane Stevenett, Co-Author of the International Award Winning Book

Having a microchip implanted will hurt my pet.



No anesthetic is required for a microchip implant. The procedure is performed at your veterinarian…

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Andis Slimline Pro Li - Beauty Supply Store in Canada

This time money is very tight, because many of us have discovered this cruel way. With the economy barely climbing out of its lowest point in nearly 30 years, everyone is feeling the impact. Now, it’s not surprising that even the once prosperous among us are cutting expenses. Whether it spends more …

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Get Fanola No Yellow in Hair Supply Store in Canada - Kingdom Beauty

When looking for the best shampoo for hair loss, you are faced with Fanola No Yellow. We all know how baldness affects any man, especially when the hair starts to thin out on the top and forehead. No one wants a huge forehead, but if you use the right shampoo, you can slow down or even stop hair los…

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Watercolor Shampoo and Oster Fast Feed in Canada - KingdomBeauty

All of us want to show our best. This includes not only the way we see from the outside, but also the way we see from the inside. Although you might think that people don’t really see what’s inside, the simple fact is that if you feel good from the inside, it will also show up on the outside.

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