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A Square Group: Agency of the Year 2020

A SQUARE GROUP, founded by Ankesh Arora, is a global branding and advertising agency. The company creates experiences at the intersection of technology, design, culture, and brand stories. A Square Group was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Gurugram, India and New York, USA.



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Oster Fast Feed at Beauty Supply - Professional Hair Clippers

The company rooted in 1924, and to this day, Oster still provides extraordinary hair clippers, trimmers and other hairdressing essentials for the professional hairdressing market. Oster has a powerful motor, heavy-duty structure and cutting-edge functions, designed to simplify and improve the hair c…

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo by Beauty Supply Store - Buying a Beauty Supply Products

I cannot overemphasize the importance of determining your target market. Regarding beauty supply stores, your target market may include industry experts, such as beauticians, manicurists, beauticians, salon owners, or even students of beauty schools, or a store may directly target consumers, or a st…

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Fanola Canada & Beauty Supply Calgary - Kingdom Beauty Supplies

Today, one of the most sought after companies is the salon. Many people are aware of its potential for success, which is why more and more people are starting this kind of business. Nowadays, people begin to have external appearance awareness, and gradually seek ways to make their hair and body look…

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Overview Of Styling Salon Chairs by KingdomBeauty

Today's beauty salons usually provide many types of special Salon Chairs for customers to use. Salon styling chairs are usually designed for different purposes, such as receiving pedicures, facial treatments or haircuts.


A high-quality chair will come with various settings to help users fee…

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Domisa Treasury - Leaders in Foreign Exchange for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Domisa Treasury is uniquely positioned to be your trusted Cryptocurrency foreign exchange arbitrage provider. The South Africa-based company offers a client focused service to facilitate the exchange & quick movement of your South African Rand (ZAR) to your foreign cryptocurrency wallets in order fo…

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Perfect Haircut with Hair Salon in East Vancouver

Most men choose a traditional salon for Haircut Vancouver because they don't want to gossiping or listening to the chat that often happens in most women's salons. If this is the case for you, then you will be happy to know that there is a solution to this problem.


There is a new brand of me…

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Get Popular Haircuts of the Celebrities in Coquitlam at Filomenasalonspa

Every one of us wants to show our best, and thus pay attention to our favorite celebrities with popular hairstyles. We search in hair magazines to learn about the latest hairstyles of celebrities. In our opinion, these people are trendy and hottest people, so they will do their best in front of the …

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Find the Best Hair Salon and Hairdresser for You at Heartbreakersalon

Just because a friend of yours brags about her hairdresser does not mean that you will get the same good grades as her hairdresser. When you find the best hairdresser and Best Salon Vancouver for you, there are many factors to consider. It requires you to learn more about features, service price poi…

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How to Find a Lawyer in Thessaloniki

If you are looking for a Lawyer in Thessaloniki you can search Google and find the right one for your case. A reputable lawyer definitely has a website on the internet and several reviews of satisfied clients.


Before hiring a lawyer, do some research and of course ask in Thessaloniki and th…

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Ronald D. Weiss – Coronavirus Negotiation at Ny-Bankruptcy

Negotiate Your Debts Today

Whether or not the coronavirus has impacted you, you can enter into a Covid-19 Negotiation with your creditors and understand how to reduce your debts during this time of uncertainty.  Many individuals and businesses have lost their income over the past several months, …

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Auditorium Aisle Pathway Lighting - All Cinema Sales

One of the most important parts of any landscape lighting plan is how you illuminate the path around the house. Paths come in many forms, from driveways to steps leading to your deck, but they are all densely crowded areas and need some lighting at night. Sometimes the fastest and easiest way to add…

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Luxury Bed Sheets - Fabric for a Good Purchase

The environment of the room depends to a large extent on the way it is decorated, and the decoration of the room is directly related to the type of luxury bed linen you have. In addition, even if this is not enough, high-quality luxury bed sheets may cause a person to rest more and thus make the mor…

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Payolie - Revolutionizing The Music Industry & Retail Industry With Seamless Payment System

A perfect match for your music marketing needs

Are you releasing a single or a new album? Do you need a plan on where and how to optimize your music release? Perhaps, you are contemplating when and where one can place music to get value. Or do you feel like you need to gain certain stats in order…

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Andis Slimline Pro Li by Barber Supply - Choose an Electric Beard Trimmer

In order to obtain first-class performance and innovative technology, professional stylists turned to Andis Company. Since 1921, Andis has been making impressive beauty tools that are trusted and used by hairdressers all over the world. Although starting from a family company with only a few employe…

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Wholesale Barber and Beautician Supplies Products at KingdomBeauty

If some basic elements are not considered, finding Barber Wholesale Supplies products can be a challenge. There are several retailers that sell beauty products through the Internet, and your best choice is of course to find quality brands.


First, you need to figure out whether what they sel…

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Fanola No Yellow Foam By Beauty Supply in Canada - KingdomBeauty

What is the purpose of shaving foam? We ask ourselves whether it is important? Yes, the answers to these questions. The important thing is if you want a comfortable and smooth shave without the scratches and cuts that usually occur when shaving closely. When shaving, the shaving foam acts as a lubri…

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo with Beauty Supply Near Me in Canada

We usually hear about organic foods, not organic shampoos, but they are there, so you only need to spend a little time to find them. There are too many shampoos to choose from today, what should I choose? There are shampoos made from thin, straight hair, curly hair, dry and fragile hair, colored hai…

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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo at Beauty Supply in Calgary - KingdomBeauty

Hair care products should be used according to the type and condition of the hair; it is advantageous to use a Fanola No Yellow Shampoo to control the weakness of the hair.


Cleaning is the primary activity to avoid disease, and cleaning is also the only way to control the intensity of disea…

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HEHE Match: The best professional matchmaking company in Toronto

Are you a professionally successful individual seriously searching for a soulmate? You are probably looking for online dating services to find your partner. There are several online dating companies, however, which one works best for you? In this article, we explain why HEHE Match is the best profes…

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