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Ronald D. Weiss – Coronavirus Negotiation at Ny-Bankruptcy

Negotiate Your Debts Today

Whether or not the coronavirus has impacted you, you can enter into a Covid-19 Negotiation with your creditors and understand how to reduce your debts during this time of uncertainty.  Many individuals and businesses have lost their income over the past several months, which has created a situation in which creditors are offering aggressive and creative solutions to many customers.  Various programs are being offered to help you pay off or pay down debt, and you need to know what you can do to take advantage of what’s being offered by your creditors.


Start by Contacting Creditors

If you’ve been current with your payments and will likely be late because of the stay at home orders, a quarantine, loss of income, or other reason, you need to start by contacting your creditors.  As long as you enter an agreement to pay and you stick with it, your creditors will report your payments as current instead of late.  This can protect your credit and keep your overall score where you want it to be.  If you’re not sure how to do this, you can call the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law for some assistance.

Have Collection Agents Begun to Contact You?

The coronavirus has affected many of us, and collectors and creditors are working to negotiate fair settlements and payments to make sure you can continue to pay what you owe.  Many times, you could end up paying much less.  If you have collection agents calling you that are being aggressive and unfair, you have rights and need to respond by calling the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C.  This team will work in Coronavirus Negotiation with your creditors to stop the collection calls and begin to help you find a way to pay your creditors.


Credit  Counseling Might be Right for You

If you’ve always been faced with poor credit and you want to find a way out and begin to build your credit, you should look into credit counseling to help you understand how to bring all your debts together to pay them down quickly.  The team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. can offer you the direction and counseling you need to understand how to get out from under a mound of debt and begin to improve your credit score once again.  Let this team get to work to help you today.


No Matter the Situation, This Team Can Help

The coronavirus pandemic has caused all of us to feel uneasy about how life is going and what the future may hold.  Don’t allow it to impact your financial future as well.  Enter into negotiation with your creditors by calling the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law today.  This team can work with creditors, find creative solutions to your debts, and offer you the counseling you need to know how to build your credit and start to see your credit score improve for where it is right now.


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