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How to Find a Lawyer in Thessaloniki

If you are looking for a Lawyer in Thessaloniki you can search Google and find the right one for your case. A reputable lawyer definitely has a website on the internet and several reviews of satisfied clients.


Before hiring a lawyer, do some research and of course ask in Thessaloniki and the wider area, to choose the best one who will handle your case with professionalism and selflessness.


5 values to look out for when looking for a Lawyer in Thessaloniki

The Thessaloniki lawyer you will choose should be committed to supporting his clients in all legal areas so that the collaboration can bring real value.


1. The lawyer should understand the issues that are critical to you and handle them carefully. The combined approach and practice should follow legal and commercial developments. Defend the Constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights and its Additional Protocols, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and all international and European human rights conventions.


2. His main priority should be of his client’s interest, to understand his needs and to act accordingly. He should also retain the freedom to handle the case and not be subjected to instructions and orders that are contrary to the law and incompatible with the interest of his principal.


3. The experience of the lawyer in Thessaloniki should be proved with consistency, combined thinking, whole judgment and billing policy in accordance with the latest Greek reality. To follow the traditions of the defense function and the rules of ethics, as they have been formed historically during the practice of law and formulated in the Code.


4. The lawyer should be able to work as a team and not individually. To ensure successful results, contact a law firm with a network of associates (lawyers in Thessaloniki, notaries, bailiffs, accountants, economists, engineers, business consultants, real estate agents) who aim at the immediate and flexible resolution of your cases, providing services in a wide range of legal cases of all branches of Law.


5. To keep confidential, inviolable in favor of his client, for what was trusted or came to his knowledge during the exercise of the legal function. Be bound by the content of the order accepted, unless specific act, or omission in the context of the mandate is contrary to his duty.


Thessaloniki lawyers, led by Thessaloniki lawyer Michael Zidianakis, are able to resolve, with combined thinking and flexible moves, cases of all branches of law (civil, family, inheritance, banking, administrative, commercial and criminal matters).


Laywers Thessaloniki provide the following services:

• Filing of an application or lawsuit for consensual divorce or divorce with dispute.

• Filing a divorce lawsuit due to a two-year dimension (automatic divorce)

• Calculation of child support or spouse support and court application and its collection, in case of non-payment.

• Rebuttal of lawsuit support

• Regulation of child custody

• Regulation of communication of minor children

• Precautionary measures and file a lawsuit. In case one parent prevents the other from communicating with the children

• Regulation of spouses' property issues

Regulation of the use of the family home

Child recognition

Insult of paternity

Judicial support

• Adoption issues

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