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The Future of LED Lighting

LED lighting has received a lot of attention in the recent past. People in today’s world tend to use them for a variety of applications. The convenience delivered to the people with getting their day to day work done has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this lighting option. The LED Light…

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Getting to know the Dubai Property Market: Apartments for Sale in Palm Jumeirah and Villas for Sale in Arabian Ranches

Dubai-centric peace is the thing that fascinates people from all across the world to come and grab it. D&B Properties Dubai (العقارية دبى) is all set to present the most stunning and well-furnished apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah

D&B Properties Dubai


Palm Jumeirah offers its residents a larg…

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20 Highly Effective Real Estate Advertising Slogans to Get Better Results

A memorable real estate slogan can keep you top on the minds of prospects. Your slogan defines your business, forms an element of all your marketing materials and can be what people associate with you. For Scott Geller, a RE/MAX realtor in Jamison, Pa, with the slogan "Scott Geller, the home seller"…

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How To Get A Beautiful Bridal Glow on Your Big Day

Here at Roiii, we are experts on all things wedding.  If you need your wedding dress, party dress, formal dress, or wedding party dress then look no further.  We have put together the most amazing collection dress options that can be used for a wedding dress or formal dress or anything in-between.…

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Fitness Quotes And Nutritional For Health

In this era of our lives, people have been paying attention to gaining and maintaining health as never before. As more and more research points to the impact of health and nutrition on our overall health, research results become more difficult to ignore. There is no doubt that the food we eat and th…

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Is Winning Everything?

If your competitor made a mistake and stopped 10 meters before the finish line would you let them know? On December 2, 2012 Abel Mutai, a Kenyan athlete, stopped short 10 meters before the finish line in the Burlada cross-country race. Spanish athlete Ivan Fernandez Anaya could have easily surged pa…

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ERP in Nigeria

West African Region is growing at a faster rate in today’s era due to the growing infrastructure and business. Eresource ERP is one of the best web-enabled ERP suit having presence in the Nigeria region from past few years. eresource ERP is perfectly designed to match to the altering verticals and…

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Forever Young? Gas Up the DeLorean!

Ellen Langer, created her own time machine in 1979 at a New Hampshire monastery. The now Harvard professor invited a group of elderly men to visit the monastery. The men were divided into two groups, and one group figuratively gassed up the DeLorean to travel turn back in time. Everything about thei…

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ERP in Africa

With the changing technology and time Africa represents a huge opportunity for ERP software. During the later years this continent was neglected due to lack of growth and stability. With the increase in demand for ERP in Africa region most of the companies are offering flexible solution that perfect…

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The Pros And Cons Of The Marketplace Model For E-Commerce

E-commerce is here to stay. There is no denying this. But as investment and innovation continue to grow within the industry, we’re starting to see new models take shape under the e-commerce umbrella, the most popular being marketplaces. The list of companies that have successfully leveraged the mark…

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How To Connect Your Home Projector To A Smartphone, Laptop and Cable TV?

There are many ways in which you can use a projector. Whether it comes to watching a film with your friends using a home theater projector or watching the pictures from your family album in a slideshow with a mini home projector, you can just simply connect your projector to any electronic device. …

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Step by Step Guide to Starting Android Programming For Beginners

With having thousands of video tutorials and books on android programming, it becomes a tuff task which way to follow especially for the first-time learner. We know that the android learning process is not very difficult if the candidate goes after the right path. Therefore, we are introducing a uni…

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15 Natural Remedy For Toothaches

Do you have a toothache? Try the best natural remedies and the most effective home remedies to counteract and relieve toothache!


When you have a toothache, it is crucial to consult a dentist as soon as possible. While waiting for your appointment, the following 15 remedies and natural treat…

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Best ERP Software For Batch Manufacturing in Africa, Nigeria

Batch Pro

The Batch Manufacturing ERP system for mass production in the chemical industry provides its customers with operational advantages such as lead-to-cash, order-to-performance and purchase-to-pay operations. It brings its user products to market in a cost-effective manner while ensuring h…

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WPC Decking, Wall Panel and Wall Cladding - Changhong WPC

Today, WPC decking is becoming a popular choice for most families. Although it may cost more, it is still a better choice for many reasons.


Need low maintenance

WPC decking requires little or no maintenance because it can withstand the effects of harsh natural elements. Therefore, it can…

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Data driven high-end marketing, the first dialogue between two luxury e-commerce companies in China

No data, no marketing, is the common adage today. This is so because we are living in an era of big data coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI). November 22, 2018, marked an important day in the history of Shanghai with SPLUSH holding their creative artificial intelligence festival. Under the spe…

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Tips For Planning Your Wedding Event Dessert

Many individuals have dreamed during the day they marry, from your proper attire, to the hairstyle and in many cases the color of the bouquet. It is extremely thrilling to plan an ideal wedding party, but it can also be quite stress filled.


Buying a wedding gown may be pricey. When looking …

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