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Oster Fast Feed at Beauty Supply - Professional Hair Clippers

The company rooted in 1924, and to this day, Oster still provides extraordinary hair clippers, trimmers and other hairdressing essentials for the professional hairdressing market. Oster has a powerful motor, heavy-duty structure and cutting-edge functions, designed to simplify and improve the hair cutting process, so Oster can provide a lot of services for professional hairstylists and barbers. They are famous for professional electric clippers and trimmers. Oster hair clippers by Beauty Supply have long become the industry standard because they are innovative and they are specially made to meet the demanding requirements of salon professionals.


These are the most popular Oster Clipper models on the market.


Oster Classic 76 hair clipper 76076-010: Probably the most popular hair clipper among hairdressers, Classic 76 is designed to improve power, performance and longevity. The quick blade change system allows users to change blades immediately, which is my favorite feature.


Oster Fast Feed hair clipper 76023-510: Super compact jet fast hair clipper Fast Feed is an excellent choice for professional designers. It is very beautiful and can trim long, short, dry or even wet hair.

Oster Free Rider professional electric hair clipper 76030-010: This electric hair clipper can cut hair from closed size (000 size) to medium length, and its ergonomic design can reduce wrist fatigue and improve control and comfort.


Oster Power Line hair clipper 76076-040: A very versatile hair clipper power plant, Power Line can trim all types, textures, lengths, wet and dry hair. The clipper also has an easy-to-use quick blade system, and is equipped with 2 different blades, the size is 00000 and the size is 1.


Oster Azteq 11-piece and 15-piece hair clipper kit: The Azteq hair clipper kit is perfect for use at home and is equipped with all the tools needed for hair cutting families. 11 pieces include a clipper, 6 accessory combs, a blade guard, cleaning brush and clipper oil. 15 pieces include all the items in 11 pieces, as well as client shawls, hair cutting scissors, styling combs and barber combs.


Osters Professional Clippers can be used for home and professional salons. They are almost unbreakable, made from the highest quality ingredients, and are designed to trim and trim every type and texture of hair quickly and efficiently. They provide a variety of options for professional designers looking for quality, durability and innovation, and are easy to use.


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