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Zahraa Jaber Entrepreneur, Content Creator, and Brand Owner for PROMIROSE LLC

Zahraa Jaber entrepreneur, Content creator, and brand owner for PROMIROSE LLC company. Zahraa Jaber is well known for her long beautiful hair. Beginning as a vlogging in 2015 as YouTuber and influencer, zahraa Jaber has been well known in 2021 with 400k followers on Tiktok, after she started to produce content with her husband Waad. A lifelong passion for natural oils and treat her hair with only natural oils.


Zahraa starts doing a study and research on how she can create one Product from her favorite natural oils mix them and make huge notes results for the hair problems that be leave in product, not greasy oily as she used to use them and good smell, the idea came to her after giving birth for her fourth baby boy and she became so busy mom, she can’t apply the natural oils and wait hours and then wash her hair, this process needs so long time of applying, waiting then washing the hair and results can see after a Long time with continuing.


So, her main goal was focusing to create one product that is leave on the hair with no need to wash the hair after applying and has a good smell. The goal was focused on women who lost their hair after pregnancy or depression and stressful life, as zahraa's mother of four boys, she started to see her beautiful hair going so bad by falling. Soon after, zahraa set up her own company PROMIROSE.COM and later launched her first product promirose hair growth oil. This oil not only solved women's hair problems but also men's and kids aged 3 years old and above. 

“I've always been extremely passionate about helping people and love to share information and ideas! When I moved from Abu Dhabi, UAE to the USA so many things changed in my personality and I was looking for myself and my passion. I first started as a YouTuber in 2015 then I stopped, coming back in 2017 and I stopped again as my last pregnancy was so difficult in 2020 I decided to come back to social media more strong and promise myself to not stop then 2021 people start knowing me and my husband.


We were creating content together, I always wished to be that but I still felt like something was missing. to be an influencer is not easy as people thought special as a mom with four kids. I wanted to make something I'm Passion about it and help people at the same time. 2020 I start my journey of study and search to make my first product that took a year to be made. The journey was so difficult I felt down in some areas and thought to stop but my husband was encouraging me when I start feeling that way, he support d me a lot and he was seeing something special about me and always tell me you can do it. Ultimately, became a place for people to feel proud of their hair again and comfortable.


Innovation & Inspiration

2021was the turning point for zahraa and her husband Waad when they got to explore for so many people on TikTok by sharing funny couples videos and informative videos. On November 07 2021 zahraa birthday she launched the PROMIROSE brand. PROMIROSE means the abbreviated for her husband and her names. Zahraa wants a brand name that is formed from her name and her husband's name Waad because without his support promirose will not be born, so promirose is from two parts PROMi is from promise (waad) name meaning in English and ROSE zahraa meaning in English. ZAHRAA's experience as a nurse has allowed her to understand the formulation. She start to expand the brand to include bamboo hair brushes, coming soon shampoo and conditioner for hair growth and anti-hair falls, and she is working on too many products made from natural ingredients.


“Working as an influencer, creating social content, and I have worked with so many brands for their products and be face brand for some, which has allowed me to really appreciate and understand the industry and know how to start. We have a very engaged community on our TikTok account who are always telling us what they want for the next Product launch to solve their hair problems, so we take a lot of inspiration from our followers’ comments we see on social media and only create products that there is a need for.”


The future

“As a brand, I'm looking to expand and made more products that people need to be formulated from natural ingredients. and I'm always innovating! Any time I create a new product. I  want every product to serve a purpose and be made from natural ingredients. I’m motivated by people's needs, It is about giving people the power of confidence with their hair. want to be no matter your hair color and type you are beautiful. Healthy hair is not about how much you spend on expensive Products and going to a 5-star salon is about what ingredients your Product is? how confident you feel to use, free of chemicals and hormones that will always be the ultimate goal for me.” I believe in the healing power of nature.


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