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You Should Go Cheap on These 6 Fashion Basics

As fashion lovers, we admit we may spend a lot on clothes and shoes, but there do have some items that don't need to be from big brands and famous designers, and it's actually better if they're not, especially it’s for the basics that will see a lot of wear and tear. So we better go cheap on these fashion basics, because some items are worth the higher price tag, like shoes that are much more comfortable than the cheap ones and meticulous hand-made bags while others just don't guarantee the money we were charged. Here’s a guide of the fashion basic that you should go cheap on.


  1. T-shirts

A tried-and-true wardrobe rule, plain white T-shirt was NO.1 on our target fashion basics list. Stock them up so that you won’t feel guilty if you have to toss it away eventually. Because if something spends a lot of time just as a layering piece, hidden under other items, don't invest too much on it.


  1. Trendy sunglasses

Sunnies are one of the fashion basic items that likely to get lost a lot, and the trendier they got, the faster you may get sick of them cause soon they will be outdated. Spend more on the classic black ones that you'll wear forever, but go low when doing strange shapes or unusual colors.


  1. Thongs

It’s OK to spend more for a brilliantly fitting bra, but not to shell out extra money for basics like thongs. While it's important for your undies to feel good, there are so many wallet-friendly choices out there to warrant spending lots on something so little.


  1. Sweatpants

It makes sense to splash out on a designer pair if you wear sweats a lot. Hold the thought though, as there's little difference between a $20 pair and a $200 one since the cut and fabrication can essentially be identical.


  1. Totes

When it comes to bags, you can save up and spend more on a classic one, but not a roomy tote. But remember there are plenty of good, well-made leather versions that won't eat into your budget too much, and the minimalistic nature of the style makes it tricky for people to instantly know how much you spent.


  1. Trousers

When it comes to your work wardrobe, you'll get more ROI on unique blouses and blazers than slacks. Saving here is easy, since options for work pants abound at national chains that cater to shoppers needing a professional wardrobe. You can save that care cost too since the wallet-friendly pairs aren't as likely to have the dreaded dry-clean only labels.


Apart from the items I mentioned above, there are still a lot of fashion basics that you can go cheap on. Now that you know these tips, you can share it with your friends, maybe you will learn some saving tips from them too, and when that happens, it’s gonna be so much appreciated if you tell us more about the tips you know and make this fashion guide more complete.

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