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Why you should Invest in Organic Bedding?

Do you have a long list of resolutions ready to take into the next year? Add one from us. As you pledge to sleep early, choose a healthier alternative to your ordinary cotton bedsheets. They are dyed with chemicals and synthetic additives in factories. You may be susceptible to skin infections if you come in close contact with them. As the pandemic rages on, health is of paramount importance. Why compromise with ordinary cotton bedsheets that may be the cause of your skin woes? 


An ordinary cotton double bedsheet also consumes tons of raw materials at the time of production. The harmful chemicals added to it also leave behind tons of residue. If the factories do not follow proper disposal procedures, they end up polluting water bodies. It is the need of the hour to switch to organic cotton bed sheets that consume less water during production and are sustainable and better for the planet.


Need some more coaxing? Read on to know why organic bedding is the future and the best kind of bedding for you.


Best kind of Bedding: Organic


  • A Safer Alternative: Necessity in 2022

It is no secret thatorganic cotton bedsheets are a healthier alternative than ordinary cotton bed sheets. Organic products are made mindfully, keeping the concerns of depleting resources in mind. They are free from harmful chemicals and mostly heand-weaved by workers. During the pandemic, when safety is of utmost importance, it is better to use organic cotton bedsheets.

  • Quality Raw Materials

Organic bedding industries use long-staple cotton that is sourced directly from the fields. Amouve Bath and Bedding Products are one such platform that offers single-ply 300 thread count fitted bedsheets, with a thick, proprietary weave, lending their cotton double bedsheet a luxe finish. Their organic Kapok pillows are filled with eco-filling that is 100% bio-degradable and leaves no residue during production.

  • Breathable

Cotton bedsheets have a higher thread count and finer weave, that makes them airy, comfortable, and breathable. If nights are slightly more chilly than days where you live but too hot for a blanket, consider investing in a dohar. It is a quilt made by sandwiching twoorganic cotton bed sheets with organic cotton filling between them. Cotton bedsheets also absorb a lot more sweat, making them ideal for tropical weather.

  • Luxe finish

The reason behind the luxurious feel of organic cotton bed sheets is not only their thread count and quality raw materials, but also their meticulous checks. Organic products are never made in bulk. They are made for slow consumption, keeping in mind resource depletion and water crises. Organic bedding industries have a fantastic team of workers, who will meticulously screen check your sheets by hand, to ensure that you only receive the best for your family.Organic kapok pillows are made with so much care that it barely leaves any residue behind.

  • Hypo-allergenic and Dust-resistant

Organic cotton bed sheets are thermo-regulative, dust-resistant, and hypo-allergenic. As they are free from harmful dyes and synthetic, industrial additives, they are gentle on the skin. If you have dandruff and acne, consider taking a look at the kind of bedding you are using. The fine weave of organic bedding leaves little room for dust particles to gather, or for mites to live. Amouve’s neembus pillows are hypo-allergenic and infused with the goodness of neem.

  • Supports Local Farmers

Bedding industries have been replacing workers with machinery since the advent of modernization. It ensures mass production but severely depletes the quality and takes away the livelihood of many rural farmers. Organic cotton industries source cotton idrectly from the fields. The picking, sorting, and processing is done by farmers from those areas. It saves a lot of water and also provides livelihood to many rural farmers.

  • Long-Lasting

Organic cotton is soft, stretchable, and durable. As a raw material, cotton has high tensile strength, meaning it is less likely to tear. Organic cotton bedding is made with the intention to last longer. They last three times longer than your average cotton bedsheets. It is better for the planet, as you will not need to replenish your bedsheet collection every two months.


Signing Off

We spend a quarter of our lives in bed. Hence, we should examine the kind of bed sheets that we are using daily. Since bedsheets come in close contact with our skin, if they are dyed with harmful substances, we may breath them in. It would harm our bodies immensely. Organic bedding comes with a reassurance that it is free from every harmful additive. Contrary to popular belief, organic cotton bedsheets are not too expensive. They may be priced slightly higher than an ordinary double cotton bed sheet. However, the pocket pinch is worth it, for they are better for the planet, thermo-regulative, and hypo-allergenic.


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