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Why Should You Use A Classified Ad Submission Service To Submit Your Classified Ads? I'll Give You 5 Good Reasons Why

First off, submitting classified ads manually is a waste of your time. Time that you could be using towards making more money for your primary business. Using a classified ad submission service to submit your ads automatically is the smarter way to go for sure. Other than the time benefit of streamlining the process, using a classified as submission service will also greatly increase the chance of your ads getting approved. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should be using a classified ad submission service.

  1. By Using A Classified Ad Submission Service You'll Save Time!

Online Classified ads are still one of the most economical and most effective ways to drive traffic and generate sales for your website.  Classified ads attract visitors who are actively searching for your product or service. They are already in a buying mentality. This means they're more likely to purchase something than people just surfing for information or freebies.

  1. A Classified Ad Submission Service will Automatically Re-Submit Your Ads

There are several downsides people face when submitting classified ads manually, one of which is the run-length. Depending on the classified site, most classified ads will expire after a 30-day period. Once that period is up, you're forced to manually renew or create new ads. Some people might not have a problem with this but when you have to manually renew hundreds of ads every so often, this can quickly become a serious time waster not to mention a tedious task. A legitimate classified ad submission service will automatically renew everything necessary to keep your ads running for as long as you want.

  1. You Can Create Valuable Backlinks To Your Site With A Classified Ad Submission Service

No one knows the magic formula to achieving top search engine rankings, but most people will agree that backlinks are one of the most important factors. In fact, it's proven that both the number of backlinks and the quality of sites they come from are two of the most important factors which can greatly affect your authority and rankings in the search engines.

A classified ad submission service can help you achieve higher rankings by generating tons of backlinks from high traffic volume classified ad websites. These backlinks will not only generate traffic from shoppers directly clicking on your link, but your website will also benefit by naturally ranking higher in the search engines, resulting in an increased volume of website visitors overall.

  1. Get Your Ad In Front Of Prospects Who Are In A Buying Mentality - Classified Ad Submissions Deliver Super Targeted Prospects

No matter what you're selling, you need traffic in order to be successful. There are lots of different ways to get traffic to your website, but you'll find most are either too costly or simply junk or fake traffic. Have you ever seen those advertisements from traffic brokers offering to sell you 5,000 or 10,000 visitors for $10 or $20? Most of these places will slam your site with low-quality traffic, most likely not even from real human visitors. This is why more than 90% of customers who purchase this type of bulk traffic never go back to buy more.

  1. Classified Ad Submission Service- A High-Quality And Low-Cost Alternative To Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Lots of new advertisers try their luck with Google Adwords. Their pay-per-click (PPC) program is one of the oldest and best in the industry, serving millions of different types of advertisers all over the world. But while their traffic is high-quality, unless you're a company with deep pockets you'll quickly find that this option is far too expensive to be sustainable. Depending on the keyword(s) and position you're targeting, you could face pricing exceeding $2 or $3 per click. Get just a couple hundred clicks a day and that's one hefty advertising bill.

A classified ad submission service offers you high-quality traffic at a low flat rate cost. If you're currently spending hundreds every month on Adwords or other similar advertising programs, just think of the money you'll save by switching to online classified ads!

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