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Why is safety lighting in venues important?

Safety lighting such as Auditorium Aisle & Step Lighting for venues is important to give patrons a pathway to walk in & out of venues and navigate around them safely.  During show times, most venues are dimly lit so having any form of egress lighting is a necessity for the safety of patrons.  The Aisle/Pathway/Egress Lighting requirement is to have at least 0.2 foot candles of light on all at all times of operation to meet The NFPA Life Safety Code and if it is not met, there will be fines issued upon inspection.


Before you plan the lighting of the media room, you need to understand the three types of home theater lighting. The three basic categories of theater lighting are general lighting, ambient lighting and security lighting. General lighting is designed to provide practical lighting, so when you are not watching a movie in a home theater, you can easily see performing general tasks. This includes ceiling lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps. Atmospheric lighting creates a magnificent atmosphere for your home theater. This enables viewers to have an excellent movie experience at home.

This type of lighting may include wall lights, recessed lighting, or other professional lamps that are more used for aesthetic purposes than lighting purposes. Finally, the third type is called security lighting. Although this is not a necessary condition for home theater, this type of lighting allows people to move freely in a dark room while watching a movie. Examples of Safety lighting are aisle lights, chair lights, or other fixtures that can illuminate walkways, stairs, and safety hazards. There is enough light to move carefully in a dark room.


Here at All Cinema Sales & Services, we make sure venues are lit up to code and make sure patrons are safe with Aisle Pathway Lighting

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