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What is The Football Index?


History of the Football Index

The Football Index is a fantasy futures exchange on football players. It lets you buy and sell future contracts on footballers. Fame Ventures and Gold-I launched it in 2015, after having plenty of success with their original concept ‘the Footie’. By the end of the 2018/2019 season, the Football Index had £200 million worth of trading, with more than £2 million of dividend payouts. By January 2018, Football Index had already reached 100k users.

The index has trader portfolios that can range anywhere between £10 and £1,000,000. After its huge success in the UK, the company plans to expand to Sweden and Canada.

Football Index

If you are true football fan and have great knowledge about football game and football players, you will see that is much more and very different from traditional bookmaker. Actually it is totally different from bookmakers, as is more like a stock market, only with football players, and yours knowledge about football is very important and you can applied it here and earn money, unlike the bookmakers which are made and designed so the customers lose theirs money. On Football Index it’s very easy to operate and to earn. You should put your money or buy cheaper stocks of players, and after they perform well, their value will rise and you should sell stocks. Also, if he performs well in the next game, or score a goal or assist even if the media are writing about his great performances you will earn Dividends.

Football index offers you as a true football fan with great understanding and knowledge about the game and football players one thing that no other bookmaker can offer – it is the possibility to actually use that knowledge for real and to earn money.

It is very easy to sign up on There is also academy which shows to the new members how everything functions. The people from Football Index often makes offers which are attractive especially for the new members. What is especially great about Football Index is its community and members. There are over 35K forum users and over 13K posts in a month, and over 3 million, page views in a month. Other members/traders are sharing their knowledge and experience with other and helping each other. Football index is offering a very unique experience which every football fan should try. This is the place where people from all over the world can use their passion, love and knowledge about football game and to make profits from it.


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