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What does an organic mattress consist of?

In a world that just recorded its first patient of ‘climate change’, we should try to make healthy choices for ourselves. Among a plethora of products available in the market, labelled as ‘green’ and ‘organic’, it could be daunting to process where to start your personal ‘green’  makeover. Our recommendation would be to start from your bedroom. It is your safe sanctuary, where you spend most of your time (hello to work from home pandemic woes!).


The biggest gift you could give yourself at the end of this year is to invest in a latex mattress, or an Ilavam Panju mattress. Both these mattresses are made organically, without any  artificial additives like pesticides, formaldehyde, and flame retardants. If you are prone to skin allergies, or infections, investing in an organic mattress would work wonders for your skin. Your back would also improve with certified organic mattresses.


There are many companies who market their products as ‘organic’ even if they just have one layer of bamboo amidst other harmful stuff. Please be wary of such marketing gimmicks. Also, you should test your mattress before buying it. Make sure that your head and spine are aligned in a straight position over the mattress. It should be neither too soft, nor too hard.

A certified organic mattress would contain the following:

  • Organic mattresses are made of natural fibres. They are completely free from formaldehyde,mercury, or ozone depleting chemicals. It leads to a greater indoor air quality for those who sleep on organic mattresses. Latex mattresses are made from naturally derived latex, or sometimes synthetic latex. Most naturally sourced latex mattresses also contain 30% synthetic additives. However, these additives do not hamper the quality of the mattress. They improve the resilience and spring of latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are known for their motion isolation feature. You would barely feel your partner tossing in bed on a latex mattress.

  • Kapok mattress is made from a long, staple cotton fibre called Kapok. It is also known as the Ilavam Panju mattress throughout South India. These mattresses are extremely dust resistant and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect fit for the folks wheezing every time they dust their mattress. They also allow more air to pass through the mattress, making it perfect for people living in tropical areas. They also provide excellent spine and head support. It is 8 times lighter than an ordinary cotton mattress, making some of the most fluffiest and softest mattresses imaginable.

  • Before buying an organic mattress, please check if your product is GOTS certified. It pimples that the Global Organic Textile Standard has been met during its production and packaging. Most brands have to make their products sustainable enough to reach this standard. If you are going to invest in a latex mattress, it might as well be GOTS Certified. This standard also ensures that the workers sourcing and processing raw cotton are paid a living wage and ensured good working conditions.

  • Some of thebest organic mattress in India are sold by brands who do not care about the amount of plastic that is consumed in packaging. Amouve is a sustainable, eco-friendly brand that sells GOTS Certified Kapok mattresses. They take a lot of care in minimizing plastic usage for their product packaging. They also source their cotton directly from fair trade mills, providing employment to many farmers, and truly going local.


You do not have to pay big bucks to get your hands on the best organic mattress in India. Some Kapok mattresses would be more expensive than latex mattresses. It is because Kapok fibres are quite difficult to source and process. If you are unable to make a choice between latex mattresses, or Kapok mattresses, we would recommend you to pick Kapok mattresses, even if they come for a slightly higher pocket pinch. Once you start using it, you will feel the difference. And, you back would thank you for this investment in the future.


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