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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer New York - Uncontested Divorce Information

Many states today allow simple, uncontested divorce New York for couples. In fact, this is how most couples get divorced. It's relatively simple and cheap, and it protects the dignity and privacy of both parties.

Divorce is expensive no matter how you split it, but if you do need one, an uncontested divorce can save you time, money, and minimize heartache. This situation is difficult enough, and you don't have to make the divorce itself more difficult unless it is absolutely necessary.

If there are particularly contentious issues in your marriage that are still to be resolved (such as child custody), then an uncontested divorce may not be the best option, as you will of course need to ensure that your and your children's rights are respected. In fact, in some states, an uncontested divorce may not be an option for you at all if children are involved.

However, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are in a relatively good relationship, you just no longer need to be married, and if issues like child custody have been resolved between you, then an uncontested divorce will be possible. It's easier for everyone. Yes, the divorce process can still be painful, but uncontested divorces also make the process as easy as possible.

Privacy is also an issue in divorce. The information you disclose to each other does not have to become a public record unless both of you want it to be public in the event of an uncontested divorce. The agreement you make must become a public record, but nothing more. By contrast, a contested divorce is likely to make every nuance of the divorce a public record, as a major fight between spouses would make those things a public record. So if you want to protect your privacy, work out the details of your divorce and make the final agreement a public record, not every little discussion you have. It's also easier for your child.

It's okay if you don't think you can negotiate an Uncontested Divorce NY with your spouse. Maybe you can't. However, make sure that both your spouse and you understand the problems that an uncontested divorce can help you avoid. It is likely that spouses who do not want an uncontested divorce will be persuaded simply by being confronted with the differences between a contested and uncontested divorce.

Now, it should be noted that you do not have to agree on the reasons for the divorce to make it uncontested. You simply agree to the terms of the divorce for an uncontested divorce. So, at first glance, you really don't think you can handle an uncontested divorce. However, after a while and your temper calms down, you may decide that an uncontested divorce is best for you. Think about it, consider the financial and child costs, and decide if an uncontested divorce is the best option for you.

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