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Top 3 Vacations You Can Take This Spring Break

Colleges can be gruelling and hectic, so almost everyone looks forward to the spring break when they can travel the world and experience new places and cultures, that are very different from Australia.



To help you experience the perfect vacation this spring break, we have lined up three destinations for you.





London is the perfect choice if you want to see a new place, and yet stay within your comfort zone. Since English is the official language, you can easily find your way through this European metropolitan city.



However, the similarity ends with English, as London is vastly different from Australian cities. Here, you get to travel back in time and get a glimpse of how the colonial masters lived and what they built. In fact, this old world charm is what makes London an inviting destination for people of all ages. No wonder, all airlines operate flights to London.


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This Italian city offers an experience like none other. Built on more than 100 small islands in a marshy lagoon, the only mode of transportation is boats and canals. It is also home to many architectural gems such as Doge's Palace, Piazza San Marco, Saint Mark's Basilica, Dorsoduro and more. While you're here, make sure to watch an opera at the Teatro La Fenice for a spectacular Italian experience. Friendly people, great food and the availability of many flights to Venice make this a popular choice among students who are looking for a unique travel experience during their spring break.


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Paris is the top destination in every student's life as it exudes a romantic, classical and stylish feel. Its many art museums, architectural wonders, well-manicured parks and plethora of shops are sure to give you a fulfilling experience. French cuisine with its mouthwatering variety add to the charm of travelling to Paris. The many flights to Paris coupled with mild weather make Paris a great choice for the upcoming spring break.


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We hope you enjoy all the three destination as each have their unique charm and feel.

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