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Top 11 Up and Coming Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry Designers

There's a good chance that you're looking for the newest styles from the best Artisinal Jewelry designers when it comes to jewelry. There's a new generation of designers with intriguing items to select from, whether you're searching for rough stones to memorialize a particular event, perhaps demi-fine to wear each day, or something hipper and more whimsical.


Are you a jewel-junkie but do not want to break the bank? Check out these affordable, high-quality handcrafted jewelry makers. There's little doubt that each of these designers has their distinct tale to tell, and their collections talk for themselves. It is your chance to meet the best up-and-coming handcrafted jewelry designers in the world.


Maggie and Donna – Deo DuPont


Donna duPont & Maggie Swanson! 


We are Moms, Cousins and Best Friends and we started making jewelry together in 2016.   We both try with intention, everyday to focus our energies on the joy in life!


We are very proud of each of our handcrafted pieces made of timeless elements. All of our necklaces, beaded bracelets, saints, medals and earrings are 14K gold-filled, tarnish-free, and can be worn in the water! This helps to make our jewelry more affordable so that everyone can enjoy the love and good energy that goes into each and every piece of jewelry we design and create within our collections. We even have our own, special way of blessing each piece of jewelry before it makes its way to you!


When you wear Deo, we hope that you will notice that you smile more and feel a sense of lightness, energy, fulfillment and gratitude.


Gala ColivetDessison

Gala ColivetDessison, who had a passion for creating unique jewelry designs. Gala was a sculptor before she became a jewelry designer. She creates jewelry that's more like wearing art than daily jewelry, with a style that's equal parts organic and exquisite.


Gala, who graduated as a fine artist and specialized in large-scale metal sculpture, applies her knowledge to her jewelry designs. Gala's training in sculpting has been an asset in refining her work methods in light of the canons of art history. Carolee Schneemann, as well as other artists, motivated her.


Sarah Briggs

Sarah Bertrand Briggs is a BYU psychology student who never saw herself as fashion designer. She flew to New York in her senior year and traveled across the nation, despite having no job or place to reside. In the end, she left with no idea who she would become.


Sarah feels that there is no excuse for not wearing beautiful jewelry with grit and heart, ladies. Sarah uses more delicate fabrics and wearable shapes with a relaxed Luxe mood in her designs. She maintains a healthy work-life balance while also pursuing her love for health and harmony, all of which I believe is essential.


Anna Jewsbury

Anna Jewsbury, a London-based jewelry designer who studied mathematics and philosophy at Oxford, created Completedworks.


She is another designer whose subject of study is far from her current success. As of 2013, Anna Jewsbury has established herself as one of the world's most sought-after jewelry and homewares designers. Anna's favorite hangouts in London are from her love of the arts and the city itself. Her jewelry is mainly crafted from repurposed materials and has sculptural and subdued forms formed by weaving, twisting, and looping.


Wing Yau

Wing Yau was born in the Pacific Northwest and now lives in New York City.


She studied sculpting at Rhode Island School of Design and worked as an assistant to artists and galleries in New York City before pursuing a career in design.


Designer Wing Yau started Wwake in 2012, and it is made by hand in New York. The company's goal is to combine the beauty of art with the luxury of jewelry. To get a sense of how the collection came together, look for unusual stone arrangements and contour forms. Additionally, Wwake is known for its use of conflict-free, sustainable resources.


There is no better place to hunt for a stylish and unique gift for your special one than here.


Bea Bongiasca

Pop culture, modern art, and vibrant hues inspire Italian jewelry designer Bea Bongiasca.


As a jewelry designer whose creations are favorites of some of the world's most famous people, Bea Bongiasca has built a reputation for herself. She used colorful gemstones and rock crystals rather than diamonds in her designs before this period. Her latest line, 'When Vine Becomes Fine,' is her first foray into the realm of fine jewelry.


Fiona Morrison

Fiona Morrison, the brains of Wolf Circus, opened the doors in 2010 focused on vintage and modern jewelry.


With this in mind, each item is created, empowering women to embrace their femininity and self-confidence throughout their daily grind. The line maintains a clean, modern aesthetic with just three jewelers on staff. Handcrafted or cast in lost wax, jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and others are available.


Its designs incorporate retro and contemporary styles. Then you may head to their website to make your purchase if you decide to go with these looks.


Marco Panconesi

As a result of developing a new vocabulary for jewelry, the Italian label Panconesi was born. With an eye toward both history and innovation, the brand crafts small sculptures alive with color, movement, and energy.


Marco Panconesi worked with Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy before entering Balenciaga as head of men's accessories. His love for the unique shape of ancient Greek and Roman has defined the scope of Panconesi's output, which consists of items that seem like historical antiques and are modernized and updated.


Sophie Monet

Sophie Monet Jewelry is a company that started in Venice, California, in 2009. Sophie is a young jewelry designer who uses a sculptural approach to creating each item. One-of-a-kind pieces are made by hand utilizing exotic woods, gold leaf, and gemstones from throughout the globe.


Sophie Monet has proliferated her shops in the United States and abroad in the last five years. Furthermore, Numerous high-profile fashion periodicals have featured her work.


Jennifer J Matchett

Owner, Designer, and Creative Director of MACHETE Jennifer J Matchett graduated from Gainesville, Florida, in Art History. She started making jewelry out of old Italian acetate after being inspired by her own ancient and vintage jewelry collections. Jennifer's Tortoise acetate disc earrings soon gained a cult following and were featured in Vogue in 2017. She presently resides in Atlanta with her husband, Cale, and a small staff.



Handcrafted jewelry is throughout the world, from the United States to Italy and everywhere in between. Many great designers have created jewelry with enthusiasm. If you want a blend of old and contemporary styles, go no further than Fiona Morrison's handmade designs or Annas Jewbury's modest but stunning creations.


See who is in the world of top handcrafted jewelry designers by checking out our list. You'll see why they're so successful. You'll also obtain a lot of inspiration and authentic jewelry style from them.



What Does the Term "Artisan" Mean?

Artisan is about a more precise moment when people are passionate about their work. It's about being exceptional and unique. It's just about using your hands to build something that can be worn, sold, and used.


What Exactly is Artisan Jewelry?

Highly skilled artisans handcrafted artisan jewelry. It is sold worldwide on the Internet, jewelry shops, and in local markets. The jewelry is formed of various substances, with several entities manufactured from material properties.


All of the items are handcrafted without using any industrial equipment. Your handcrafted jewelry is significantly more likely with imperfections than a mass-produced piece of jewelry would be.


What Makes Handcrafted Jewelry More Popular?

The popularity of handcrafted jewelry relies upon several factors.


Unlike mass-produced jewelry, handcrafted items are of higher quality, making them popular among fashionistas and celebrities alike. Your handcrafted jewelry collection will stand out from the crowd since no two pieces are the same. Each item is meticulously crafted and meticulously detailed to the tiniest detail.


Once you acquire a piece of artisan jewelry, you won't find anything similar to a piece of handcrafted jewelry you bought from an independent designer online.


Handcrafted jewelry designers use the Internet to sell their products to a global audience of jewelry connoisseurs. So why delay when you can get your hands on a one-of-a-kind piece of handmade jewelry?


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