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The Philippine - The premiere bookmarking, news curation and online forum website in the Philippines or TPF is dedicated to facilitating intelligent discussions about important social, political and economic issues and events in and around the Philippines. It  is positioned to become the premiere bookmarking, news curation, and online forum website in the Philippines.

Its ultimate goal is to gather together a critical mass of well-informed and discerning Filipinos who will actively participate in forming and influencing  public opinion about important topics and issues in the Philippines.

It is hoped that by providing an efficient and effective platform where Filipinos can express their opinions and sentiments about various important issues, they will be able to influence and alleviate the political maturity of their fellow Filipinos.


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  1. The Forums - Express your own views about the hottest issues dominating the Philippine news landscape. From latest controversies surrounding the Philippine Government’s War on Drugs to the latest developments in the West Philippine Sea.
  1. Resources - If ever you find yourself in need of help in  finding a job in government, getting your overseas work permits in order, or reporting sloppy government service, the TPF listing of various public and private resources might be just what you need.
  1. Philippine Wiki - And lastly, if you want to brush up on your history lesson about the Philippines, the TPF Wiki can very well take you back in time and help you get to know more about the Philippines, its people, and their customs and traditions.

So visit now and join the discussion in building a truly free, democratic and progressive Philippines.


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