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The Main Advantages Of Using Board-to-board Connectors With 0.8 Mm Pitch

EUNOS, Singapore - June 2, 2020 - Board to board connectors basically used to provide signal connections between two printed circuit boards (PCBs). These versatile contacts can be mounted on a single footprint which helps to swap in a new size easily when a design change is needed. These connectors are used for high-speed trains and industrial controls, and in data center storage and switching systems as it provide reliable high-speed data transmission with greater clarity, with flame-retardant, available in polarized housings that protect connections in harsh environments. Moreover, pre-loaded spring fingers are used on the board to provide shielding for preventing EMI noise and static. These have vast applications from a PCB in mobile and wearable devices, patient monitoring technology to security systems.

board to board connector

For single board computers (SBCs), designers need to fit as much processing power, functionality, and I/O as possible onto that circuit board to make the system compact. However, the reality a single board design can not provide best solution to industrial, consumer, and medical applications therefore multiple pc boards are needed. This is where board-to-board (BTB) connectors become really important and used to connect varios boards.


Board-to-board connectors provides major advantages in design, production, and marketing in situations where

  • Form factor limit the overall size of a single, larger board approach, and a three-dimensional arrangement is required to take benefit of available package depth.
  • It is unacceptable to place low-level, highly sensitive analog I/O near high-speed, noisy digital circuits.
  • High voltages are present, and safe as well as regulatory standards mandate separation.
  • Thermal concerns require placing hotter components in a different locationor place for improved thermal management.
  • A given circuit subpart may be used across multiple versions of a product, such as a core processing board which is paired with basic multiline user display and pushbuttons, as well as with a more sophisticated graphic touchscreen for different models of an alarm or sensor system.

  • Production requires special components, such as power devices and heatsinks that call for a special manufacturing/assembly process or manual insertion, while the rest can use automated insertion and soldering.

  • The vendor expects to upgrade one function in a system, such as the processor and memory, but wants to leave the analog function unchanged for technical confidence and cost amortization.

Connectors and interconnects are critical elements of a complete design that need due consideration up front. When multiple pc boards are used, BTB connectors ( offer a convenient, reliable, high-performance technique for connection between two or more boards in varied arrangements.

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