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How To Build More Muscle With Less Protein

When it comes to building more lean muscle mass, there are three important requirements:

  1. Intense overload through a heavy weight lifting workout program
  2. Proper nutrition providing the raw materials your body needs to generate more lean muscle mass
  3. Adequate rest in order for the process of build muscle tissue assimilation to take place

The Enzymatic Edge

If you’ve been doing your research, you likely have a very good handle on all of these things. You’re hitting the gym regularly, you’re making sure to get in 5-6 meals a day at regular intervals, and you’ve started prioritizing your sleep, making sure that you’re obtaining at least 7, if not 8 or 9 high quality hours of rest.

All seems to be under control, right?

As you go about the process though, you may find yourself hitting a plateau. You might find that it seems like you just aren’t getting bigger and stronger despite doing everything right. It might even feel like your body is broken or something. It’s just not responding the way it should.

Frustrated, you consider tossing the towel. Maybe you just aren’t meant to be big and muscular.

For many men, especially those who have done their ‘research’, this is how the story plays out. Sadly, often one of the biggest reasons they’re struggling is because of that ‘research they conducted.

Let me explain.


Go on any bodybuilding forum out there and you’ll find one thing: guys talking about how much protein they take in.

Everyday people also back this up. Just ask anyone on the street what they think about when hear the term bodybuilder and at least a few will say something to the effect of ‘slamming back protein shakes’.

It’s common knowledge that those who are hitting the weights hard need to be eating more protein. Almost any site you read online will tell you just that.

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