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Don't let the paint color become an obstacle to buying your dream home. Paint may be the cheapest home decoration. This article will provide you with some basic design tips for you to consider when choosing colors for your new home.


If you plan to stay at home for a long time, you are free to use bright colors. If you think you will move in a few years, choose a neutral color.


Think about the decorating styles you have seen and liked. Your choices range from early American, Victorian and Mediterranean styles to modern styles. When choosing colors for your new home, the decorating style you choose will provide you with a good starting point.

Does the idea of ​​choosing your own paint color scar you? Many hardware stores have painting/design centers, which are a great resource. Go to the library or buy interior decoration and design books or magazines. Family performances are a fun way to learn about the latest trends.


Consider painting on the wall. Decorative finishes add dimension and character to the room. You can choose sponge, rag, artificial leather, template, drag, comb, splash, artificial marble pattern or Stipple Finish Powder Paint and other finishes, which will bring a classic look to your home.


What color is your furniture? Choose colors that complement your furniture, not conflict with them.


Consider the type of light you get in each room. Know the direction your window is facing. The south-facing windows will have sunlight for most of the day. Windows facing east or west will get sunlight in the morning or afternoon. There is indirect sunlight from the north-facing windows. Sunlight will make your colors look more natural.


Artificial light can affect the way you see colors. Incandescent lamps make the colors look warmer and redder than natural sunlight. Fluorescent lights will make colors look bluer and colder than natural sunlight.


Decide how long you spend in your room most of the day. Choose the color according to the light you will use. When you check the color sample of a room, please check the time of day you will use that room.


Is the room big or small? Dark walls make the room feel smaller. The light-colored walls make the room feel bigger. A dark ceiling will make the ceiling feel low. Light-colored ceilings will make them feel taller, and the room will feel larger.


Stipple Finish Powder Manufacturer

What color do you use for the rest of the house? If you see the walls of other rooms from the room you are in, make sure that your colors complement each other. You don't want to have warm earthy colors throughout the house, then paint a room in bright robin egg blue!


What will you use this room for? If you want a room to relax, use calming colors. If it is a room where a family is playing games and watching TV, bright colors can be used.


I said it before and I will say it again. This is just paint! When you follow these basic design tips, you will be able to confidently choose colors for your new home.


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