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Step by Step Guide to Starting Android Programming For Beginners

With having thousands of video tutorials and books on android programming, it becomes a tuff task which way to follow especially for the first-time learner. We know that the android learning process is not very difficult if the candidate goes after the right path. Therefore, we are introducing a universal way that works as a step-by-step guide at the beginning of the learning process.

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Start with the concept of basic programming

You need to know the basic idea of programming language since you don’t have any connection with programming. At an elementary level, you should select one programming language that you find easy to understand and begin with programming Principles.


Go with Java

Most of the experienced android programmers suggest you learn the concept of Java because the Java is an object-oriented program and the functions and codes of Java can help you determine the fundamentals of android as you progress. You will have to know Java programming, as you aim to become an Android developer. You can learn Java online but best would you can Android Training course from nearby institute. To identify the concepts of Object-Oriented programming, Java is perfect for a beginner because the familiar codes and themes are elementary to understand in Java.


Read books on android development

We suggest you read the book but only until you understand the concept. You may find many topics challenging to digest while learning so do make a list about difficult topics and search about these particular topics on Google or YouTube. You will see thousands of videos or tutorials regarding each question where the experienced developers have explained the uncertain or straightforward term with an actual example. By watching real implementation of a particular coding, you will have a better understanding regarding complex terms.


Download android studio

Just write down the android studio in Google where you see android developer website in search result. From where you can directly download android studio complete free. Install android studio in your system and go to set up menu, Keep UI them at the default setting. In case If you have an android device then no need to select android virtual device. Just finish the installation process.


Instead of learning all concept straight away build your project

It is impossible for any programmer to master any programming language because it keeps changing and new codes and techniques have been invented overnight by experts. So start with any new project, For example, simple game, calculator, or quiz, it could be anything just for learning purpose.


Find out the tools or codes that require for the simple project

The Important thing is to select the simple plan because you can’t direct build 3D games at the beginning.    Now imagine the tools and programming requires constructing the simple project but remembering you may not believe or create the codes within a few minutes to give sometimes. Even if you can think about 50% then make a note about functions and systems on your desktop.


Look for the implementation of the codes and tools

You will find out the similar small project online where you can observe the impact of law and arrangement of functions. Once you understand the logic and the implementation of the system, it becomes easy for you to implement the codes in your project.


Things to do once you finish the android project

It could be the natural method. You need to execute codes, and It will automatically complete the task for you, Now Proceed into Google n and also locate an app which you believe that you can code it. However, manage a typical about choosing this app. It needs to have an excellent quantity of downloads, fantastic UI and excellent evaluations (at 4.5) by 100 end consumers. Now, replicate this app. Duplicate way, Create an App which is employed the very same because the benchmark app which suggests, same performance & same-e UI. Stay to this; we will assure you’ll discover a way to develop the android app on your own


Now you have enough confidence that you can build an application with getting support from copy codes, therefore now think about coding use without referring to the same claim.  This method takes your time, but it can help you develop a new application that’s for sure

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