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SSD Chemical Solution Resources – S06-E30-GCL-19492022

In this SSD Chemical Solution Resources file – S06/E30/GCL-19492022 compiled by Dr. Bernardino Ekane, a Senior Research Chemist (SRC) from the Gemonog Chemical Laboratory, you will learn and discover valuable information about the SSD chemical that will help you understand the solutions better.


Basically, these are compilations of SSD chemical solutions AIR published on Memoir by SSD chemical professionals and experts around the world, to help spread the knowledge of SSD chemical solutions and clear understanding for people who want to know or learn about this laboratory researched and produced chemicals, for DFX banknotes recovery.


Let's dive right in with the very first question, which will follow with subsequent SSD chemical questions from worldwide seekers.


I. What is SSD chemical:

SSD chemical is a solution cleaning substance, mostly in the form of a liquid, powder and even solid. These SSD solutions are researched and developed in standard chemical laboratory, used for cleaning security coated defaced notes (SCDN).


The SSD chemical helps to remove the security coating firm on a dyed or pigmented banknote in order to bring it back to its original and usable form. [SSD/2128]


II. How to make SSD chemical:

SSD chemical is a laboratory produced solution substance used for cleaning DFX banknotes. To make the SSD chemical, you must have a Ph.D in chemistry to be eligibly qualified to produce or make the SSD chemical. Not just anyone can make the solutions.


A PhD in Chemistry is a doctoral degree in one of the branches of Science that spans over a period of 3-6 years. It is a detailed academic study and research, and completes with the submission of an academic thesis on the subject that you engaged in research with.


III. How can I get SSD Chemical:

SSD chemical, being one of the most delicate products to find, has caused thousands of people to fall victim in fake chemicals. How to get original SSD chemical is a measure concern for buyers, for both online or offline purchases.


Below I will list for you how you can get SSD chemical, safely.


1. Visit

2. Search “SSD chemical for sale by GCL” to buy ORIGINAL chemical for cleaning your DFX banknotes.

3. For your payment security, insist to pay with Credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.


IV. Why is SSD chemical becoming common:

SSD chemical is becoming common because many people around the world now needs the solutions. Initially, say like 2 decades before now, SSD chemical was not that common as it seems to be today. Perhaps that is because the world was not yet as evil as it is now.


As we all know, that money creates chaos, and in Biblical context too, it says; “the love of money is the root to all evil”. In today 21st century, money has occupied the mind of everyone, causing the hunts for it. In this hunt, many people turn to make money the illegal way, and in the black market economy, to transport huge amount of money in cash, commonly known as “money laundering”, these cash needs to be defaced with security coating firms for easy transportation from one place to another.


The banknotes defacing process to remove the security coated layer on the money, is where the use of an SSD chemical solution is needed. And today this types of transactions is huge, and demanding more chemicals in the market, which causes the chemical to becoming common.


V. What is SSD chemical research:

In chemistry, precisely relative to SCDN, SSD chemical research is the study and discovery of solution chemical substances in various forms from liquid, powder, mercuric and solid states. The purpose of the SSD chemical research is to find out the appropriate solution for the cleaning of DFX banknotes.


VI. What is SSD chemical boiling point:

Generally, there is not yet any standard SSD chemical boiling point stated, chemically. However; According to a recent research by Dr. OlufZukulanious, an Azerbaijan SSD researcher; Assumes that the boiling point for SSD chemical solution is 1100% +- degrees.


SSD chemical boiling point will vary as the chemical production intentions varies, in terms of forms, cleaning requirement, DFX note type and the SSD firm chemical element used for coating.


VII. What is SSD chemical used for:

SSD chemical is a liquid, powder or solid substance, researched and produced in chemical laboratories that are used as a cleaning solution for the security coated defaced notes (SCDN) or commonly called the “DFX banknotes”.


In 2018, $22.49B was cleaned to original FIAT currencies using the SSD chemical, ranging from synthetic, automatic and universal solutions. GCL is a key source for detailed studies about SSD chemicals.


VIII. Is SSD solution chemical toxic:

Yes, SSD solution chemical is toxic. The SSD chemical is composed of 11 difference types of solutions chemical agents, where 4 of these chemicals are highly toxic. During the chemical preparation, composition and formulation process, if accidentally you inhale these chemicals properties, it is tantamount to cause death. Reasons why it is highly recommended by experts, to always wear PPE when dealing with chemicals such as SSD solution.


The 4 chemical elements found in the composition or chemical compound of SSD solution are categorized under “A Chemical Weapon”, as these chemical substances can cause human death or harm through its toxic properties. These four chemical properties type contribute to 88% of the explosive agents found in SSD solution.


IX. What is universal SSD solution chemical:

In DFX banknotes cleaning; The “universal SSD solution chemical” is a compound chemical type of the SSD solution A21 criteria, which has the tendency and reaction power to clean any type of security coated defaced banknote of conservative length from 50 years ago and above, irrespective of the DFX notes coating type, age, currency and denomination.


Under the universal SSD solution chemical compound, you can also find the organic and automatic chemical type in the same SSD solution A21 criteria. [SSD/2218]


X. How much is the SSD chemical:

The SSD chemical, a solution researched and produced to clean the DFX banknotes is cost $28,500 USD in the U.S and around $55,000 USD in the UAE, India and Oman.


According to Black Market News on Twitter, the GCL produces and supplies over 4,000,000 tons of SSD chemical solutions worldwide, which gives a rough CPT of up to $10.58T USD of DFX banknotes cleaned, as mentioned in a PR by Gemonog Chemical Laboratory.


XI. How to clean your DFX banknotes:

To clean your security coated defaced notes (SCDN), or DFX banknotes to clear and usable money, you will need three things. These are laboratory materials or solution requirements which you will need to complete a perfect cleaning process of your DFX money yourself.


1. The SSD liquid chemical.

2. HU2 activation powder.

3. MUMUT anti-virus spray.


With the above mentioned solution chemicals, you will need in addition a small stainless bowl of roughly 2,000 mL and wide mouth. Apply the MUMUT anti-virus spray on the note first, if your notes is aged more than 12 months, then the HU2 powder and place it inside the stainless bowl, blend or shake the SSD chemicals and pour it on the notes gently to avoid note damage, according to your instruction manual. Please follow all health & safety measures in your manual.


If it is an automatic SSD chemical, it will do the cleaning automatically, but if it is the normal chemical, you’ll need to do the cleaning manually with your hands, or better still use the laser machine for fast cleaning when having large amount of DFX banknotes in stock.



Subject: SSD chemical

File: S06/E30/GCL-19492022

Type: Encyclo

Sections: Straight Drop X11

Written by: Dr. Bernard Ekane

Released: 2021

Compiled by: Dr. GurashJupita

Originally published on: IO


*DISCLAIMER: This content is published for educational and research purposes only, and does NOT intent to promote any illegal activities whatsoever.


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