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Skinni Snax – Healthy & Nutritious Snack – Great for Diets & Fitness


SKINNI SNAX is high in fibre and plant protein, low in salt and fat, SKINNI SNAX is the perfect, healthy snack.  These crunchy and nutritious balls are doubled baked, with a crispy, soya, outer biscuit crunch.

Most of us are impulsive buyers, snacking on the go and seeking

convenient, healthy snacking.  SKINNI SNAX is healthy and suitable for vegetarians. With our fast-paced life style, more than 60% of consumers consider health as a key decision maker for the purchase of snacking.

Eating a healthy SKINNI SNAX allows you to add to your intake of essential nutrients.  SKINNI SNAX contains fibre and fills your stomach for very few calories. The plant protein from chickpeas, is necessary for healthy muscles, skin, cells and hair. SKINNI SNAX is a healthy carbohydrate with additional fibre which is excellent for digestion and curbs hunger. As a healthy alternative to crisps and nuts, a handful of SKINNI SNAX at snack time adds healthy nutrients to your diet, which protects your heart and brain.

SKINNI SNAX is a  healthy snack made up of complex carbohydrates, high in protein and healthy nutrients. SKINNI SNAX increase your energy levels for a longer period of time than sugary or fatty snacks do. This is because sugar will cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving you hungry and lethargic. The complex carbohydrates in SKINNI SNAX are a stable source of energy and including them in as a healthy snack helps you power through your day between meals and keeps you fuller for longer.

SKINNI SNAX, single serve potion, assists with portion control and is a macronutrient solution that keeps you fuller for longer and powers you through the day. Made from chickpeas and soya, SKINNI SNAX is a smart carb food that contains calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Snacking with SKINNI SNAX is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet. Eating SKINNI SNAX, a carbohydrate-rich, protein snack is an ideal snack solution for all the family.

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