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Semalt Advice: How Bad Black Hat SEO Looks Like And How To Avoid it?


Your business is your livelihood, and you should not get involved in illegal things that might ruin your reputation on the internet. Hiring an SEO expert is good, but you should make sure that he does not use black hat SEO strategies to rank your website in the search engines. One of the major mistakes people make is that they spend lots of money on SEO companies without even knowing if their sites are getting fake traffic or legitimate hits.

Michael Brown, a lead professional of Semalt, elaborates here on how to avoid this dangerous mistake.


Content spinning and black hat SEO


It's safe to say that content spinning and black hat SEO are linked to one another. Content spinning means you are using someone's article without changing the words and meanings. In recent months, a lot of software and programs have been introduced that make it easy for writers to spin the content. Let me here tell you that it is a black hat SEO practice and cannot give you the desired results. If you are stuffing the keywords and spinning the content on a regular basis, there are chances that your site will get banned or penalized by the search engines especially Google.


Is black hat SEO bad?

Unfortunately, black hat SEO cannot give you any benefit. It's not bad until you do not depend on the earnings of your website. But if you want to grow your business online, you should never get involved in the black hat SEO strategies.

There are plenty of flavors of black hat SEO, and the experts know what to do to improve the search engine rank of a website. Whether you use it for a primary domain or subdomain, black hat SEO is not good to go with at any cost. You should not create irrelevant backlinks and should never stuff the keywords as it can ban your site in no time.


Rewriting of articles is not good

Just like content spinning, rewriting of articles is not a good practice. It has been observed that the students get involved in freelancing jobs and try to rewrite plenty of articles for the sake of money. They don't even know how to avoid plagiarism and grammatical errors in their posts. If you have outsourced your content writing work, you should make sure that they write unique content and there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Plus, their English should be up to the mark if your target is the international audience. Simple rewriting is strictly forbidden by Google and other search engines. Thus, you should make sure that you provide your audience with something meaningful and useful to read. Try to engage them with informative content and avoid plagiarizing your work.


Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than having a website with quality content and excellent search engine rank. But for this, you would have to work hard and pay more attention to your content quality as well as your SEO techniques. Whether you are running an established business or are a newcomer, you should never copy articles of others and do not get involved in black hat SEO practices.


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