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Recent Agreements of Bucky Coin with Various hotels & Restaurants


Bucky House is fully de-centralized content Distribution and services network platform (dCSDN) which works in the field of content management like, e-books, animations, short movies, music, educational videos for skill development.  From the production house of Bucky House, one can get quality content. The services provided by the Bucky house are used by individuals as well as various companies in the market.


Bucky house has launched an ICO based on the coin named Bucky coin. Bucky coin is the cryptocurrency connected with DHT/IPFS based P2P network that integrates the individuals content owners, advertisers, animation developer’s celebs, models, and application developers in entertainment and media content distribution and services.

Now Bucky coin is on success and gaining its fan followers on as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube. Recently three hotels and restaurant owners have joined Bucky house and connected with its Bucky coins.

Very Popular Hotels& Restaurants have Joined with the block chain-based platform Bucky house to get the benefit of Bucky coins

  1. The moonshine bar cum restaurant is very famous place to drink, feast and enjoy in Hyderabad, India. Its a good place for different occasions and parties. The management of this restaurant did agreement with the Bucky house and are ready to accept Bucky coin as payments.
  2. Now in Hyderabad, very popular Cafe Melange has also entered in a vision of Bucky house. Now Cafe Melange is ready to accept Bucky coin payments as it has successfully signed up with the Bucky house.
  3. Hotel swagath in Bangkok based on the north Indian food is very famous in its area. It has also joined with the Bucky While becoming the part of Bucky house, its contributors are getting the benefit of having Blockchain and smart contracts technology.

Block Chain technology:  This technology is very popular in these days. Blockchain is the technology that places the trust from the third parties into our own hands by allowing us to validate our own transactions. Bucky house also approaches this technology to make its business more fast and secure.


Smart contract Feature: For the security of people, Bucky house deals in smart contracts. These are the trustable companies who are the bridge between the company and the users. For the security of the transactions of people, smart contracts play a lot. Users should be safe in each case. So, don’t hesitate to join ICO launched by Bucky house.


Bucky Token:

The ERC 20 crypto-token format on Ethereum of Bucky House is compatible to any standard crypto wallet. Various Token sales are to be decided time to time. In this offers and discounts are to be offered to users accordingly. Sales can be public or private under pre-ICO, ICO- phase 1 & ICO- phase 2 sales.

  • Token Name- Bucky coin
  • Token Type- Ethereum based Crypto Token
  • Coin Symbol- Bucky
  • Maximum Supply 940 million
  • Standard- ERC 20
  • Main Sale Token- 385.4 million.

The release date is on 30th July 2018. Keep on visiting our website to get in touch with it.


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