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Real Estate Purchase Process in Turkey

As of today, many investors invest by buying real estate in Turkey. In this context, we can state that Turkey has a developed structure in terms of buying real estate due to its various advantages.


People who want to buy property in Turkey do not need to fulfill any conditions. Almost any foreign citizen with sufficient savings can come to Turkey and buy a property here. In Turkey, only 5 citizens of the country are restricted from purchasing a property. These are Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria and Cuba. If you are not a citizen of these 5 countries, you can turn your savings into a profitable investment in Turkey.


Considering that Turkey is a very successful country in terms of geography and economy, it should be noted that the number of people making real estate investments in Turkey has reached a very serious level. In this sense, the number of houses sold to foreigners is around 41,000 in 2020 alone. Most of these sales are made up of Iranian, Iraqi and Russian citizens.

Why Should You Buy Real Estate from Turkey?

Looking at the data of foreign citizens who bought a property in Turkey, Istanbul was the most preferred in 2020. Istanbul, where 19,000 houses were sold, was followed by Antalya, where 8,000 houses were sold. After that, Ankara and Bursa come. As of today, the Alanya district of Antalya is at the top for real estate investment. Buying a home in Alanya has become indispensable for investors.


The main reason why foreign citizens prefer Turkey is that it is both a modern and cultural country. Rising projects in Istanbul, where the heart of the business world beats, open doors to new and profitable investments. Therefore, it is quite natural that Turkey is at the top of the investors' lists.


Buying Real Estate in Turkey is Easy

Individuals want to make purchases from countries where it is easy to purchase real estate. Accordingly, real estate in Turkey is extremely easy. You just need to like the house you want to buy and start the process. After you like your house, deed transactions can be carried out in a very simple way.


Affordable Standards of Living

The fact that living costs are much lower in Turkey compared to European countries is an excellent reason to invest in Turkey. Especially those who earn with currencies such as Euro, Dollar and Sterling can lead their lives in Turkey in a very comfortable way.


High Income Return

A real estate that you will buy in Turkey will bring you high returns in a short time. You can get an excellent experience by investing in real estate, especially in cities and regions that have high rental income and are on the rise every year. Income is also generated by selling houses, which are a very good source of income for investors.


Exchange rate

As a result of the fluctuation of the exchange rate, foreign investors make real estate investments in Turkey. In particular, the fact that more than 3.1 billion dollars of investment was realized according to the data in April 2018 confirms this.


Do I Need a Residence Permit to Buy Property in Turkey?

You do not need to have a residence permit to invest in real estate in Turkey. When you buy a property worth $250,000, you have the right to both residency and Turkish citizenship.


Searching for Suitable Property

First of all, you should search for the most suitable real estate in Alanya for yourself and your budget. For this, you can contact an expert and professional real estate company, real estate company. Real estate consultants who are experts in this field will find the most suitable real estate for you in a short time.


Real Estate Appreciation Process

Real estate consultants will show you a lot of real estate in line with your budget and needs. You can proceed to the next step by choosing the most suitable one for you among these options.


Deed Process

After you find the most suitable house for yourself and your budget and agree with the landlord, the deed process begins. If the documents required for the title deed are prepared and an appointment is made from the Land Registry Directorate, the deed transactions are initiated. In this context, you can buy the real estate you like in a short time.


Final Say

If you want to live in Turkey and especially in Alanya, or if you want to own a house for investment purposes, meet with Alanya-Home company, which will guide you from A to Z with its 30 years of experience.


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