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Purchase a Salon Sink Unit Furniture for Your Salon - KingdomBeauty

A slight discrepancy will destroy the beauty of your house. Salon Furniture is one of the most important parts of a house, office or business establishment. It can change the appearance of the room. They are also very useful. If you want to do business and make the office look stylish, you need to add elegant furniture. If you are the owner of a salon or beauty salon, you will need to bring salon furniture. They can achieve their goals well.


There are different types of salon furniture on the market. If you plan to buy stylish, high-quality furniture, then you must go to a well-known salon furniture store. There are various hair salon mirrors, hair salon chairs, reception desks, washstands, trolleys and beauty sofas. In the shop specializing in salon furniture, you can find waiting chairs, shearing stools, barber chairs and modeling chairs.


Salon chairs come in different designs, patterns, colors and sizes. Many beauty salon owners or salon owners prefer to include stylist chairs to increase the beauty and functionality of their salon or beauty salon. There are various types of stylist chairs on the market, including Mona, Ernesta, Alessia and Silvana. All these chairs are hydraulic chairs. Salon chairs come in different styles. You can choose the one that suits you.

Salon Sink Unit

Your customers will wash their hair in this Salon Sink Unit. The sink should have a trigger flushing device to make flushing and rinsing smooth. The salon shampoo sink The sink should have a small space so that the client can recline on the back and feel comfortable. However, this place should not be sharp and sharp, as this can reduce customers. If the bowl is made of marble, granite, etc., it may also hurt customers.


Appearance is important. You can find matching shampoo chair and Salon Sink Unit. This does look attractive in your salon. It is recommended that you use a dark shaded sink. In short, they usually look cleaner.


Pivoting ceramic bowl to fit customer's neck. (Comes with a white or black bowl). Comfortable padded chair with Lumbar back support, High-quality leatherette and foam. Solid wood and fibre glass base. Salon Sink Unit Can be used as a back or side wash Includes faucet, spray hose, vacuum breaker & drainage assembly.


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