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Property Management Companies Near Me - Brooklyn

ATLAS NYC is happy to achieve its clients' goals by combining innovative ideas and methods with traditional principles. With over 15 years of combined expertise, we are fully qualified to meet customer expectations and handle all necessary operations quickly. Our tenants range in size from industrial companies to small businesses. We are proud of our extensive tenant network throughout New York.

Our property management team is well versed in the area and has a solid reputation. Staff will be happy to hear from you and learn more about your property management requirements.


Our main services:

Asset Management

We recognize that every property is unique and every landlord has different goals, and we use a strategic approach tailored to you to ensure we maintain and improve your property's performance keeping your specific needs in mind.


Rent Assessment

Our property managers have extensive industry knowledge and market data. They can handle the negotiation for you for free. We ensure that your profits and property value are maintained and grown as much as possible.


Delinquency and Rent Collection

To collect rent, we have a separate trust account. Our reliable processes ensure that we respond quickly to any rental arrears. We can regularly generate detailed reports describing any overdue and pending payments.


Maintenance and Repair

We have a database of contractors with whom we have relationships and can get repairs done quickly. Repairs will be monitored to ensure they are both cost-effective and performed to a high standard. We also implement a regular maintenance program for your property to ensure the structure and services are in good working order.


Operating expense management

To ensure your property is properly managed and maintained, we will evaluate it and provide you with a new budget for operating expenses or an update to an existing one. We will ensure that you receive recurring monthly payments from your tenants and we will conduct annual audits to ensure any imbalances are addressed.



You don't have to worry about compliance regulations. We will ensure that all necessary maintenance and inspections are done to keep your building warranty up to date.


Why choose us?

We strive to go above and beyond.


We take a proactive approach to asset management and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure positive outcomes for you.


We have a group of people working for us.


Every property is different, and so are the requirements of every property owner. We have a diverse team with deep industry expertise and excellent communication skills when dealing with a wide range of tenants.


We are the owners.

Our experienced property managers are also well-versed landlords in the industry.


We are proficient in real estate investing.

We maximize rental income and income, using our connections with first-class skilled workers to reduce costs. Conduct regular property audits to ensure compliance with the law, represent you at company meetings, and maintain your assets.


we manage everything

We take care of contractors, tenants, finances and your assets so you don't feel the stress of dealing with your property.


Shouldn't it be time to get back in the recliner, have a glass of wine, read our monthly report, and relax?


If you are looking to buy, sell or rent a home in Brooklyn, Manhattan or anywhere near New York State, ATLAS NYC Property Management Companies Near Me is your team of choice. We manage a wide range of properties, both commercial and residential. Are you looking for a home in one of our listings? Do you need help finding your ideal property? Contact us by phone or email. Please feel free to browse our website.

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