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Property Brothers’ Jonathan Silver Scott Took This Illusion Too Far

Most people know Jonathan Silver Scott as one half of “The Property Brothers,” but not as many know he has experience on stage as an award-winning illusionist and magician. But there is one illusion he has created that he has pushed too far-- his relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsov. His integrity is called into question, as there are two versions of his relationship with Jacinta: one that Jonathan pushes to the public, and one that the facts confirm.


In his memoir It Takes Two, Jonathan claims he met Jacinta at charity event in Toronto in September 2015, spoke to her briefly, and then lost track of her before he could get her name or any other information about her. He says then hesearched throughout social mediasites for 48 hours after the event, but he couldn’t find a trace of her.Then he relates that about a month later hesaw her in the background of a photograph posted on Instagramby a friend. He contacted that friend, who identified Jacinta for Jonathan.


Yet,Jacinta walked the red carpet that night; her photograph was taken and posted more than once on websites and social media sites reporting about the event. She was named and/or tagged in the photos she was in.


The most conflicting detail of Jonathan’s story: The gala was September 13, 2015. There is a social media post in Jacinta’s account that was posted September 17, 2015, four days after the event. Jonathan commented ON THAT POST. He didn’t find her identity a month later, as he claims.Jonathan’s comment proves he knewof at least one of her social media accounts, and possibly her name, four days after he supposedly met her for the first time.


The friend who had posted a photo of and later identified Jacinta for Jonathan is George Stroumboulopoulos (Strombo).A check of Strombo’s and The Strombo Show’s Instagram pages shows no photograph with Jacinta in the background from the night of the gala to at least six weeks after that. In fact, she is not in any of the photos in those accounts posted during that time period. While the photo could have been deleted for some reason, it’s also possible the photo never existed.


Also, Jonathan calls Strombo a friend. He has worked with Strombo before, including the night of the charity gala. Jacinta was Strombo’s assistant and producer at the time of the gala. It’s likely that Jonathan had met her, or at least come into contact with her,during his interactions with Strombo.


In another version of how his relationship with Jacinta came to be, in a 2016 Periscope video, Jonathan relates that he met Jacinta at a charity event, and then“kept in touch with her.” This version contradicts his version of events from It Takes Two.


For her part, Jacinta tagged herself one of TWOBIGLESBOS (caps hers) in a friend’s Instagram post.


Why is it necessary for Jonathan to give several different stories of how he met Jacinta? There is so much misinformationin what Jonathan says to the media and to the public about his relationship with her. The facts provide evidence for the actual truth. It seems unlikely that Jonathan Scott’s relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsov is as he says it is. What, if anything, is he hoping to hide?

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