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Promote Supply Chain Transparency and Build Trust with the Software Health Indicator

As a software vendor, you want to build trust with your customers by providing secure and up-to-date software versions. But with the constant changes in technology and the increasing complexity of software systems, it can be challenging for them to keep up with the latest updates and security patches. That's where the Software Health Indicator comes in.


Our Software Health Indicator provides real-time updates on the actual health status of your software versions, using an easy and colorful scheme to quickly summarize this information. This allows your customers to quickly assess the safety and modernity of your software, giving them confidence in your product and helping you build trust.

In addition to benefiting your customers, our Software Health Indicator promotes supply chain transparency and helps you identify areas for improvement in your software development process. By promoting transparency, you can demonstrate your commitment to security and reliability, which can help you attract and retain customers.


Our Software Health Indicator is free for FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) and uses an easy and colorful scheme to represent the health status of your software versions. The indicator is a valuable tool to ensure supply chain transparency and promote software security, while also helping you build trust with your customers.


By using the Software Health Indicator, you can proactively address potential issues and provide your customers with up-to-date and secure software versions. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as improved brand reputation and differentiation in a competitive market.


We're committed to promoting supply chain transparency and empowering software vendors with the information they need to build trust with their customers. Try our Software Health Indicator today and see the benefits for yourself!


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