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Private Investment - A Need of Economies Today


With the growth of population and businesses in every economy, competition and survival have become tough. A lot of entrepreneurs require money to establish their startups, and businesses want to expand their operations.


Some want to buy new machinery, some want to open a new branch or office or introduce a new project or product, some want to build bigger factories while some want to buy robots to enable automation and much more. But all of this can’t happen because businesses get stuck at the same point, which is capital, aka more money.


Lack Of Investment, The Cause Behind Declining Economies

As per extensive financial research, investments affect the pace of economic growth as it is a part of aggregate demand, and it also affects the productive potential of an economy. For example, business investment in the UK fell at approx. 25% during the recession of 2008/09 and the partial reason behind was the credit crunch and decline in bank lending.


It has also been noticed that due to the many years of insufficient growth in advanced economies, the substantial long-term risks have arisen, not only for the prosperity of the people of those countries but also for the health and stability of the global economy.


This makes us summarize that there is always a need for finance by different economic groups, either small or large. When looking for solutions, private investment contribution has been a determining factor in economic growth than public investment in both developed and developing economies.


Addressing the Solution

Private investment firms, also knowns as private equity companies are investment management bodies that work to provide financial backing. They make investments in the private equity of startups as well as operating companies through a variety of investment strategies. The investment strategies could be a leveraged buyout, venture capital, and growth capital.


There is a massive need for private investment companies in economies around the world as acquiring a loan through government channels has become quite difficult and time taking due to the high competition.


In fact, a high percentage of projects never get beyond the capital approval stage. Moreover, a large number of projects initiated for implementation do not become operational due to lack of finance.


“On the other hand, private investment companies are much approachable, and the chances of getting finance from these companies are high due to low competition," says Malcolm Chew, the founder of Rothstar Group.


Thus, Rothstar Group is operating worldwide with the vision to help businesses expand and fulfill their financial needs with 50 years of investment experience. The leading private investment group believes if the declined or unattended projects become initiated, there will be more jobs in the economy. An increase in employment means an increase in the supply of money. When people have money, their savings increase, which leads them to invest, and investment is what is always needed in an economy.


The group is a reliable name that invests in a wide variety of business sectors, including real estate, medical, and IT. Some of the recent investments by the Asian investment group include Indigo Hotel New York, Singapore dialysis center, Aegis Medical Care, and em2i Technologies Solutions in DMCC Dubai.

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