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Ombre Hair Color Services in Vancouver - Heartbreakersalon

Ombre Vancouver hair dye style is the fade from dark to light or from light to dark when it grows from the middle to the end.


Nowadays, Ombre Hair Color Services Vancouver appearance is really popular in salons. This is a simple failsafe method to achieve the look of classic gradient hair:


As a base. You need to caramelize the base material. For this, please use a natural color that is quite close to the customer's hair dyeing level, but add some reflection colors and make sure it is lighter than 1-2 levels. Mix it with the developer and use only a dye brush to apply it to a medium length, but do not color the ends.


For example, if the customer’s natural color is level 5, he can choose any color at level 6.


For purpose. Now you can process the goal. If you are looking for classic gradient hair colors, please use highlight colors (100 series). These can be used on most professional hair dye brands and can provide up to 5 levels of improvement. Therefore, these give very good gradient effects.


With 30 Vol. To get a certain lifting power (the mixing ratio of high lifting color is usually 1 color to 2 color developer) and use foil to apply the developer. Apply fairly thickly to make a significant dramatic difference between the middle length and the ends.

For more original Ombre appearance. Today, designers and consumers are increasingly using gradients to push boundaries. Try the following hair color combinations, they work well and are very wear-resistant!


Use Bleach to mix the end of 30 Vol and use balayage technology to get a flowing ombre look. beautiful!


Ombre works well on medium and long hairstyles, especially in curly or wavy situations. Gradient colors help increase the depth and size of this type of hairstyle.


However, Ombre is also suitable for long hair. When performing dark touches on longer hair, using dip dyeing techniques can make the hair look truly gorgeous and sexy.


Styling Ombre Vancouver

Ombre is a fairly informal style that works well when it looks quite natural. Therefore, using the cream left in the face cream and a small amount of spray can create a fairly natural appearance.


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