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Manhattan Property Management with ATLAS NYC

Come home with ATLAS NYC.

We provide property management that is competent, accessible, and cost-effective because of our dedicated team and innovative systems. Our property managers in Manhattan aims to provide proactive services, so they make weekly visits to their properties. This has provided reliable service and expertise when you need it — before, not after, decisions are made.


We're able to offer the lowest pricing to our properties because of our broad partnerships with contractors and suppliers throughout Manhattan property management companies, bringing the ATLAS NYC distinction to our clients' planning and budgeting.


We're committed to building long-term partnerships and we only work with those who share our dedication to making a difference in the community we call home.

Commercial Properties

Find out how ATLAS NYC can help you with your business property. We understand how complicated commercial real estate can be.


We are qualified and skilled in managing all aspects of property management in Manhattan. Our innovative systems and substantial resources provide proactive service to reduce costs and increase profitability and return on investment. Our years of experience have allowed us to form long-term strategic partnerships with trades and suppliers. As a result, we can provide our clients with qualified and reliable contractors at negotiated rates that benefit your bottom line.


Because each property is unique, our managers develop a good connection with each owner, ensuring that all expectations and obligations are clear and any concerns are resolved. We offer value to our clients by providing proactive management services.



We are trained with the special management requirements of a non-profit residential property.


Non-profit residential properties provide essential living spaces that contribute to our community's diversity. ATLAS NYC values and supports these unique properties and their specific needs.


ATLAS NYC Manhattan property management is positioned to provide non-profits with the management they need. Because of our devoted personnel and individualized approach, we can fine-tune our services to match the unique requirements of each property. We collaborate with each organization to ensure that the mandate, policies, and commitments are followed.  Because ATLAS NYC is concerned with the development community, we can help with redundancy.


ATLAS NYC works with the funder and the client to improve society's financial performance. Because of our substantial experience, we have established long-term strategic partnerships with trades and suppliers. As a result, we can deliver qualified and reliable contractors to our clients at agreed rates that benefit the property's financial health. We bring the ATLAS NYC distinction to our clients' planning and budgeting by providing proactive management services.


Residential Rental

The ATLAS NYC management in Manhattan approach promotes the success of residential rental properties.


We've worked with a lot of rental properties before. Our experts will assist you in achieving increased profitability by providing insight into successfully managing property and understanding the current rental market. Better tenants are attracted to a well-run property. Our team of fully certified property consultants can place excellent tenants at market rental rates by professionally and successfully managing your property.


Our ten years of expertise have enabled us to form long-term strategic partnerships with trades and suppliers, allowing us to deliver experienced and reliable contractors to our clients at negotiated prices.


The ATLAS NYC Advantage

Timely. Professional. Dedicated.


We know that homes are not the same as other assets. They're unique, and each owner holds a particular meaning for them. That's why we give each property our full attention and professionalism, delivering a level of service that surpasses that of other companies.


We are passionate about what we do.


ATLAS NYC property management in Manhattan is dedicated to creating dynamic communities property at a time.


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