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Learning How to Use Legal Case Management Software

Legal case management software has been specially designed to streamline your law practice for maximum efficiency and profitability. However, unless the software program you select offers a comprehensive training program you won’t be able to take full advantage of its case management capabilities. Full-featured legal case management software is simply too sophisticated to learn by going through a user’s manual. Consequently, when you shop for a legal management program make sure the software developer offers its clients solid training features.

The developers of Needles Legal Case Management Software, offering one of the industry’s most complete case management software suites, have long recognized the importance of providing a superb training program to clients. As a result, Needles offers its member attorneys a wealth of ongoing support and consultation. In fact, Needles has developed an implementation/training curriculum that’s the envy of the industry, designed to walk your firm through each step of the case management process.

Following are features of the Needles implementation/training program: Individual Support from an Experienced Trainer From the moment you become a Needles client, your firm will be matched with a Certified Needles Trainer who has been selected because he or she can best meet your specific needs. The trainer will guide software users through every step of the initial process to make sure they fully understand how to use the software to the best advantage of your firm.

This mandatory comprehensive initial training program is customizable to meet the unique needs of your law firm. Needles offers on-site training at your office, or you can opt to participate in the company’s training facility located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ongoing Training

After the initial hand-holding period when you learn the basics, you are encouraged to take advantage of Needle’s ongoing training program so you can expand the use of the comprehensive Needles Legal Case Management Software program to maximize your productivity and profitability. The company also offers a wealth of continuing learning opportunities including new employee training, advanced training, and document coding. Needles clients also receive a superb, easy-to-follow user’s guide.

All Needles trainers must undergo annual certification to ensure they are familiar with the constantly changing legal landscape and able to help you meet the challenges that today’s law firms face in an increasingly competitive legal marketplace. .

24 Hour Support

Needles recognizes that law firms sometimes must work round the clock under daunting deadline pressures. During the course of the regular business day, clients have access to the Needles Technical Support Team Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 5:15pm EST. In addition, Needles support staff members are available by pager 24 hours a day for emergency support.

Following are brief descriptions of the many support features available to Needles clients; 24 hour access to the Needles technical support team

  • All upgrades to the Needles program
  • Needles client User Group meetings
  • Access to the "client only" section of the website, which contains many instructions to common questions about Needles.

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