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Jason Scott Jenkins The Future of Entertainment

Jason Scott Jenkins is a former football player and boxer, who is currently focusing on his acting career. He was raised primarily in New Jersey and has played football like a true sportsman in at Nebraska University.

“A lot of times the whistle would be blowing, and the guys were still getting after each other. That was our competitive nature. Nobody wanted to give anything up to each other. You know what that’s like when a whistle blows and two guys are still getting after each other? Well, it was like that all the time.”

Throughout his football career, Jason developed many fond memories of the game. He still reminisces about a spring game he played in, which was his first time playing since last season. During the game there was a sweep right, and Jason playing left defensive tackle went running to his right to make the tackle. What is surprising about this move is that it came from the opposite direction of the playing field where Jason was, so he attempted to fight the block, and simply run into an All American and got de-cleated.

Jason Scott Jenkins

One of Jason’s best work also involves modelling for various brands such as Kohl’s, JC Penny’s, Sears/Kmart, and more.

When he moved to Los Angeles this was a major change in the direction of his life. Other than the commercial work, Jason had countless appearances on important television shows like Nip Tuck, The Conan Show, and booked a speaking guest star appearance on Showtime Shameless.

Future Man is one of the best shows and the producers behind it know exactly what kind of target audience they are aiming for. This is a comedy and science-fiction mash-up, and it’s directed at young people, has a video game-inspired plotline and crude jokes. The main story follows a man called Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson), he is a janitor by day but whiz-kid and video gamer by night. Creating such a character for this Hulu original series is interesting, because a person with a normal job is also a professional gamer. The idea of a man living a double-life to move up the financial ladder is just a small part of the story. Meanwhile, Robert Craighead plays the role of Detective Vincent Skarsgaard, Jason Scott Jenkins plays the role of Carl, and Keith David plays the role of Doctor Elias Kronish. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Matt Tolmach, Ben Karlin, James Weaver, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir serve as executive producers of the show.

Jason Scott Jenkins is a wonderful actor worth celebrating, because he can fit into any role possible with his prowess for the craft of acting. Thanks to his talent he can play any character from a hero to a villain and he has been cast in action, science-fiction, horror, and more movies of different genres. Some of the new movies Jason is currently filming include Cross 4, Cross 5, The Serpent, and the Agent 2 as Juggernault.

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