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Jason Scott Jenkins from Pro Athlete to Showbusiness Fame

Jason Scott Jenkins is a very talented actor who currently has supporting roles in two new films; he is starring as Special forces Commander Jenkins in the Serpent Film which is currently in post-production, and he is playing the role Jax in Cross 4, a movie that is now being filmed.



Growing up in New Jersey, Jason was very athletic; he played football and did wrestling. He was also raised in Hammonton, New Jersey and during his college years, Jason’s passion for the game led to him getting a scholarship from the University of Nebraska. Jason and his teammates took the Cornhuskers to win a number of national championships back to back. He excelled in football and as a result he played for the Professional Canadian Football League, the Toronto Argonauts. 


Jason Scott Jenkins

Jason Scott Jenkins was a professional boxer and he had a seven and one record with seven knockouts two were a no contest, but when he injured his elbow he bravely fought with one arm. Since his sports career was over, Jason decided to get involved in acting and modelling. He moved from New Jersey and went to live in Manhattan to pursue these ambitions. His diverse and distinctive look helped him win his first audition, as a tall model and he ended up working with one of the well-known photographers in New York City. Ever since that time, Jason was a professional model for well-known clothing retailers like Kohl’s, JC Penny’s, and Sears/Kmart for fourteen years. 



During his modeling career, Jason started advancing and broke into acting and showbusiness. He did plenty of commercial work, and played his first major role in a TV show called the American Horror Story. The series is an anthology, with an entirely different story, and different set of characters for each episode. The film is a combination of various occult elements including a house with a killer past, an asylum for the mentally insane, an evil witch coven, a haunted hotel, a demonic farmhouse, an eerie cult, the apocalypse, a slasher summer camp, and oddly enough the biggest freakshow of a circus ever seen. He landed the role of a character called Prophet Moses, who is an up-and-coming rapper and record producer. Jason does an excellent job playing Prophet Moses, and this role also allows him to develop a very classic character. There are references made in American Horror Story to the famous slain musicians Tupac and Biggie. Clearly, Prophet Moses has a lot in common with these big names in hip hop. 



This great actor Jason Scott Jenkins is a natural athlete, an educated man, and is a performer loved by the audience. He was nominated the LAIFF September Award for Best Ensemble Cast in 2015, at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

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