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Itay Verchik

It takes a lot of sacrifices to become a trusted big man in any industry, especially in the field of Internet marketing, where there are thousands of people doing the same thing. This is the story of ItayVerchik.


Since leaving his family to join the Israeli army at the age of 19, he has embarked on a roller coaster journey and served for three years between the ages of 18 and 21.


We can totally agree that these three years have made him stronger and built up his spirit of tenacity and perseverance, because he moved forward from there and established some of the most successful companies in different regions of Israel and the United States.


Before founding the company we currently know, Yitai was engaged in website construction and Internet marketing at the age of 22. You can now call it digital marketing.


He ran the company when he was around 24, until he was around 20, and was able to serve as a product manager and a partner in an Israeli startup company. The company grew into a successful company and achieved its intended goals due to ItayVerchik's management influence.


After cooperating with the company for many years, Itay continued to establish multiple businesses, projects and joint ventures, and achieved success a few years later. Some of these companies include WebZash, IVBS, Florida-based SEO MANUAL, etc.


The success of these undertakings brought a new stage for Itay Verchik, even if he was a young Israeli millionaire, even during the Corona period. Managing his wealth, business and personal life was difficult at first, but this is not something he cannot solve. Since then, he has become a source of inspiration and motivation for many young people who want to make a living from life.



ItayVerchik has been involved in the commercial field, involved in some of the boldest and most difficult businesses. It can be said that he never thought of running these companies when he was young, but he knew that he wanted to become great, to become greater, he must dare to sacrifice, and he did.


Itay is now the creator of American startups-Florida to be precise. He hasn't stopped there yet. He is now a real estate enthusiast and investor, and is also engaged in leisure activities in stock trading and just out of love for leisure.


ItayVerchik's success story is something that all of us can think of.


He is still keen on further development, encouraging people to be the best, and vividly proving that when we decide we really want them to happen, the biggest thing can be achieved, regardless of our background or story.


Although Itay has been involved in a lot of businesses, which may be different from what he just started, he has not given up on his digital marketing dreams. Since then, he has been working on multiple projects, trying to get people's websites to rank on search engines.


The project he is currently working on is called SEO Manual LLC.


If you are familiar with SEO or own a website/blog, you will know how important it is for your website or page to rank on the homepage of search engines.


It takes a lot of work and knowledge to know the correct link to use, the perfect content, the number of words, the number of keywords and phrases, etc.


The SEO manual completes all these tasks for you and reduces the burden.


Imagine an SEO tool that tracks the work of competitors, keeps them at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and helps you determine how to better follow the same guidelines to make your ranking higher Even higher. This is what ItayVerchik will send out in a short time.


In the future, the SEO manual system will also be able to track all advertisements on social media and show users the most suitable advertisements and ideas for their use!


The journey from a little soldier boy to a confident business tycoon is not only an inspiration, but also a reason to trust the people behind the wheel.


He has tasted and tested multiple levels of success, and is transferring this mantra to new business owners. You can also benefit from his rich knowledge and experience. He is always willing to help.




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