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Today, Ukraine is on the path of comprehensive economic transformation. Under such conditions, improving the investment climate and increasing the efficiency of investment processes are a few of the main directions of public policy at the present stage.


Ukraine with its unique location in the center of the European market and cheap compared to developed European countries and at the same time, a sufficiently skilled and educated workforce may become an ideal place for investment in the near future against the backdrop of the global crisis. In addition, there is already a suitable infrastructure for this in many places in Ukraine, so the country has been and remains attractive for foreign investments.


Investor Advisor : Investment climate in Ukraine on a governmental level


According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, despite the challenges, during 2020 Ukraine, with the help of the business community, carried out historic reforms: adopted legislation on the introduction of a land market, increased the transparency of the tax system, supported business with affordable loans, began open privatization, and signed the first concession agreements. Also "Diya" was launched - a digital platform for businesses and citizens that has ranked Ukraine among the leading countries with digital passports and online services. Together, these actions are aimed at improving the investment climate in Ukraine in 2021.


According to the media resource RBC-Ukraine, $1.349.5 million was invested in the second quarter of 2021. By the countries of the European Union was invested $1.337.


According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the largest inflow of direct investments came from:


  • Holland — $922.8 million;
  • Germany — $242.9 million.


It is also known that countries such as Switzerland, Cyprus and Russia withdrew their investments from Ukraine in such amounts as $112.7 million, $83 million and $9.4 million, respectively.


On March 31, 2021, the total amount of accumulated foreign direct investment in the country's economy is $51,785 bln.


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