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Investing In Real Estate: Rothstar Tackling The Challenges In The Sector



With the recent challenges faced by all markets in the world, the real estate sector is facing issues in its finances, revenue, and capital. Statistics indicate that there is going to be around 30 percent contraction in the market value in the industry that is a significant concern for people investing in real estate. 


Economic contraction, rising interest rates, coupled with continued access to finances, pose the biggest challenges in the real estate market as we speak. On the other hand, the availability of debt and equity as well as risk-return expectations for capital rank among the top issues affecting real estate.


In these challenging situations, Rothstar group in the real estate sector has proved to have an on-the-ground presence in the market. With an international presence, the leading private investment firm has its representative markets in the Middle East, South East Asia, North America, Europe, and other regions across the globe.


In crucial times, the prominent Asian private investment group makes sure to keep up with the required modifications in the market to deliver better services to the consumers. Malcolm Chew, the founder, realizes the need for up-gradation and launches several projects in the real estate sector.


RothStar International Real Estate Achievements


When it comes to the global real estate market, Myanmar is seen as one of the gold mines for investment. It's not us saying so, but Jim Rogers himself has acknowledged Myanmar to be the best land for investment in the real estate, and Rothstar has followed what he said to target the market through investing in the Best Western Hotel Yangon.


Malcolm Chew has invested in New York City real estate Arm royal One Real Estate LLC, the investment capital of the world, to develop the Hotel Indigo project in the long island city.


Aegis Medical Care PVT Ltd is another project of Rothstar Group that allows the company to expand operations into Cambodia and GuiYang, China. The project is to cope with the high demand for dialysis treatment in private dialysis centers in china as government hospitals push patients to private centers to shrink the pressure on the country’s healthcare infrastructure.


The first-ever China dialysis center is a part of the post-Covid-19 strategy as the biggest private dialysis center will be able to house up to 50 beds.


Rothstar Enters Dubai Real Estate


With the recovery of the oil market and the expected decrease in the interest rate from the Western Stock Markets, investing in Dubai real estate seems to be a profitable and wise decision for real estate growth. According to Warren Buffet, an opinion much firmly evidenced when his investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway acquired market shares of the UAE real estate agency, Fine & Country. The ready rental coming up with the distress sales in the secondary market falls around 4 to 5 percent.


Seeing the chance, Rothstar makes the decision to invest in the region, where the Asian investment pioneer plans to be investing in the secondary market by going for distress sales or private sales in bank mortgage/foreclosure and downtown areas, respectively.


 As the period for new recovery comes, income generation takes place at a productive phase. The regional market is going for an extension in the slump after 2014’s peak, correcting around 30 to 40 percent as the prices slump for the protracted time.


With the avid planning and development in real estate projects during this time, RothStar Group is proving itself to be an efficient force for real estate investors in the market.

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