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International Women's Day


We cannot run short when listing all of the accomplishments that women have achieved over the past couple of years. It feels good to finally see that society is embracing the efforts that women have forged in numerous sectors. Women have been greatly shunned from experiencing almost all of the fulfillment there is in this life - from participation in politics, participation in the workforce and participation in certain sports, to participation in running countries and various affairs.

However, things are changing and women no longer have to live in men’s shadow.  With numerous achievements from all walks of life, women deserve to be recognized and celebrated  across the globe.

International Women's Day

In the political genre, women have hit groundbreaking moves. Women have advocated for constitutional changes in various countries so they can be acclimated into the society.  From gaining women representatives in politics to attaining greater equality in the political sector, women have evolved men’s perspective on what they can do. In some countries women had no right to vote, but now it is happening everywhere in the world and some women are even going forward to hold major offices.

The same applies to army recruitment. Initially, no woman was recruited into the army, but in the current world women are graduating from infantry school, becoming infantry officers and leading commands, attaining the highest rankings in history.

Socially women have excelled on numerous fronts, and pivotal changes are being made in many countries to better integrate them into society. The girl child can attain an education up to the tertiary level, something that was not happening in the past - some communities around the world do not find the need to give the girl child an education, and conversely they marry the girl child off at a very young age. Women have also gained the right to own properties. In the past century, women were not allowed to own property like land. However, things have changed; women are now even allowed to inherit land.

Women continue to be victims of violence in society, which has greatly affected their faring in the world. Violence condemns the woman into a state of having no rights at all. However, progress is being made and there are more resources available to help women combat violence, along with laws protecting women’s rights, and tough jail terms to anyone who violates a woman.

Economically, women have been struggling as men dominate at the top of every business, and women across all sectors chronically receive inconsiderable pay.  Research proves that for a country to attain sustainable development, women must play a role in the economy. With the advent of more women playing a part and pushing forward on their rights, they have been able to acquire a more sustainable income.

In the cultural sector, we cannot fall short on the achievements that have been made by great, iconic women around the world.  In art galleries and museums, women are making great strides and fostering more support for solo exhibitions, dictatorships and opportunities to give their art more exposure.  Some women have begun to surpass men in this field, although it is dominated by men.  Women have also been able to achieve some balance both in front of and behind the cameras, with more women advancing as writers, producers and directors.

Most cultures in the world were performing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); however, women have condemned the act with campaigns all around the world outlining the health risks involved, as well as the long-term detrimental effects.  Through campaigns and greater awareness, women have enacted rules against the act all around the world, leading to substantially more global support and legislative changes against it.

Women have also been gaining prominence in the sports field with so much zeal and energy. Recently we have seen them be elected for high positions in the sports industry. Women have also showcased a lot of talent when it comes to the act of broadcasting football. They have set new ground-breaking records in the Olympic championships, and won gold medals for the most entertaining sports in the world. Women’s football has also paid off, with women showcasing very amazing talents when it comes to the art of football. Women have also taken part in boxing championships, changing the perception of people who think that women cannot excel in this arena.

Whether socially, politically, economically or culturally, women have gained a voice and are now being heard.  With strength, passion and drive, women are transcending every obstacle in their way, reaching unprecedented levels of success worldwide.  Today International Women's Day and every day we celebrate and honor these iconic, brave, resilient women, whose unwavering spirit and determination have created an unstoppable legacy, and who’s achievements and contributions have been made for the betterment of all.


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