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Healthcare Software Development - Zenbit

Healthcare Software Development and Data Engineering Solutions in a New Technological ERA


Why we are working in HealthCare


We are keen to bring new technological solutions in the HealthCare Industry. Our goal is to create an ideal symbiosis between medical staff, medical devices and AI data-driven solutions which help improve the processes, give better results and quality.


Let’s make the HealthCare industry better!

We know how challenging it is to create an innovative product in Healthcare


Our team is developing our own product which will be able to make an analysis and predictions on cardiovascular and cancer diseases: the most dangerous diseases in the 21st century. This device uses dielectrophoresis and AI-based algorithm to establish cell analysis and thereafter make a prediction.


Learn more about diagnosing cancer and cardiovascular diseases using dielectrophoresis.


We understand the importance of keeping patient and clinical data private and secure. We have the knowledge, experience and the solutions that allow us to maintain the privacy of such data. 


Our team is ISO standard certified and can not only develop software but also competitive medical devices for a variety of fields.


Data is the essence of software. We know how to enable all the power of data using AI-based solutions to analyze patient insights and the effectiveness of clinical processes.


Optimization of the routine process will save time on administrative tasks, reducing the number of human errors in turn allowing you to free up your time to focus on the most valuable healthcare deliverables.


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