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Getting the Right Haircut By FilomenaSalonSpa in Coquitlam

Have you ever wondered why the hair stylist doesn't seem to cut the hair exactly the same way every time you go for a haircut? If this happened to you many times, let me explain.


There are many things to consider; one of them, do you visit the same designer every time? Are you a fairly new customer? Do you have a regular Haircut Coquitlam? Is it hot, humid, cold, humid or dry outside? Is your hair stylist more creative than last time? Does your hair stylist have a good memory? Are you explaining hairstyles in correct terms? Does the stylist fully understand what you want?


The easiest way to explain is to explain how the hair grows first. Hair usually grows about 1/2 inch per month. Hair growth is uneven across the head. Some areas of the head grow faster than others, and the hair in some areas of the head is thinner and thinner than other areas.


What does all this mean when it comes to getting a haircut? Well... let's say you get a haircut every 4 weeks, and then you become very busy and don't go again until 7 weeks. Your hair has grown for another 3 weeks, and the shape of your hair has changed dramatically, depending on how fast your hair grows. Every week you have longer time than previous appointments, which can make finding the first few lines of your hairstyle more difficult. Also, if you go to find a new hair stylist, you may not remember them or your hair style only a few times, so it is very important to be able to find these lines.


The weather will also affect this. If it's cold outside once, and it's wet next time, your hairstyle may be different. It may be shorter or longer than the normal display time, or the texture may look different. Therefore, when your hair stylist cuts the hair, their creative eyes will see different things and may cut the hair slightly differently to accommodate the change.


What about the designer? If your hair stylist has a poor memory, it may take a few times to remember you and your hairstyle. Is this a bad thing? No, just make sure you explain in the same way every time until you make sure they remember their hairstyle or ask them to take a few photos with your phone to help you both remember.


How is your hair stylist’s creative mood? Maybe your designer has participated in a new hair cutting class and learned new techniques. Depending on the hair condition of the day, the hair stylist may decide to use one of these techniques. If the technique works for your hair, then make sure you tell them next time. They may not remember the last time they did this, if what your hair did is different from what they did before.


Haircutting is an important factor, and depending on the type of haircut you choose, it can make your face look good or bad. It is very important to choose the perfect hairstyle that suits your specific facial features and personality. Because different people have different facial features and characteristics, it is difficult for some people to choose the correct hairstyle. Some people's faces have certain positive features, such as eyes or lips, which should be analyzed when choosing a hairstyle. When choosing a Haircut Coquitlam that suits you, you should consider the weight and volume of certain areas of the face. People with wider faces can use certain hairstyles to reduce facial fullness. You can also use certain other hairstyles to make your face look more beautiful and more beautiful. You can choose the best hairstyle for you with the help of a professional hair stylist.


Some people with long faces are looking for hairstyles that can make their facial features look better so that your head does not appear that long. For those with a narrow head, you can increase the width by choosing a hairstyle that can increase the width or volume of the head to make it look more attractive. Therefore, a good hairstyle can balance the shape of the face so that it looks better than before when viewed from different angles. With a good hairstyle, you can add or remove the volume, width or weight of certain areas that need to be exposed or hidden. Your hair stylist can suggest which hairstyle to choose to make it look better.


Therefore, you can curl or straighten your hair to suit your hairstyle in Salon Coquitlam. If your hair is short and long, you can make your face smaller by wearing a curly hairstyle. A long and sleek hairstyle can make the face look slim and long. When choosing the right hairstyle, you should check your profile from the side.


If your neck or chin is cute, then curly hair can hide your positive features. In this case, the beauty of the chin can be enhanced by increasing the volume of the hair. Keeping long bangs and sleek hair is also a good idea to attract people's attention to their positive characteristics here :-


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