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The hair dryer is considered to be a convenient electronic device used by many people today. In fact, there are many types of dryers to choose from. It is difficult to distinguish the best quality model from the cheap model. The best solution is an attractive model that does not rely on a hair dryer. You must choose the high-quality function of the dryer. Then, check whether the function of the dryer is beneficial. Here are some practical tips to help you find the right hair dryer for your hair.


If you are looking for the best hair dryer for Beauty Supplies Vancouver, you must buy a hair dryer that generates a lot of negative ions. Why are negative ions important? Negative ions have the ability to decompose water droplets and convert them into fine particles, which can be easily absorbed by the hair shaft. In this way, the hair will be hydrated. It also makes the epidermis even and makes the hair look soft, shiny and healthy.


In addition, other factors must be considered to ensure the best blower. An important factor you must consider is the size of the motor of the dryer, especially the power. Remember, when the motor has a higher power, the power will be high. With it, your hair will dry faster. The wattage of most professional hair dryers on the market is about 1800 watts.

gama iq hair dryer vancouver

Innovative appearance and brand new design. Compared with the current hair dryer, the size is reduced by half, it is very easy to manage, ice color is a classic detail


Oxy Active technology: due to the release of active oxygen with antibacterial function, it can make the hair shiny and elastic, and can deeply clean the scalp.


Memory function: Speed and temperature memory system, can recall the settings selected from 18 possible configurations, and can be easily used through the LED display


Automatic diagnosis system: With the help of the LED indicator, you can know whether there are technical problems with the gama iq hair dryer vancouver.


Venturi effect: The air outlet is designed to absorb hair distributed by the motor. Excess air flow is generated by vacuum effect, no need to use power.

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