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Furniture Enamel Paint Manufacturers in India - NanoPolycoat

Enamel paint is often used to paint different types of surfaces. Because it produces a hard and shiny surface, many people prefer to apply it to many household furniture and appliances. It has several good properties that make it a better coating choice in many situations. Now, if you don’t know what these good features are, please keep reading and learn.


What is Furniture Enamel Paint Manufacturers?

As mentioned above, enamel paint is the type of paint commonly used for painting, and your goal is a shiny, opaque, and hard surface. It has two types: oil-based and water-based.


What are oil-based Furniture Enamel Paint Manufacturers?

Oil-based enamel paint is also called alkyd enamel paint. Compared to water-based varieties, they take longer to dry, and they produce a harder finish. They emit a strong solvent odor and may sting or irritate your nose. If you decide to use it, you need to clean it up with mineral spirits or paint thinner.


On the other hand, the second type is also called acrylic or latex. They dry faster and apply more easily. They do not emit a very strong smell. It is washable, and like the first type, it can also be dried to a hard and shiny surface.

Where to use it

Enamel coatings are usually used on frequently touched surfaces. For example, if you are considering refurbishing your bathrooms, floors and doors, then you should choose this paint. It can withstand moisture, friction, pressure, humidity and other environmental factors more than any other type of paint. It is also commonly used in large industries such as ships, space shuttle parts, airplanes, furniture, electrical appliances, and automobiles.


other categories

Enamel paint has many uses, and a longer list is needed to include them all. However, for the benefit of readers, I will only squeeze in some more common things to let everyone understand its usefulness.


Types of Furniture Enamel Paint Manufacturers in India

When choosing the specific type of paint you should use, the type of furniture and the purpose of the paint job are some important things to consider. Are you only refurbishing, or are you planning to increase its scratch resistance? The following coatings are widely used worldwide: gloss and semi-gloss latex, melamine, water-based enamel, durable acrylic and oil-based. There are also several finishes on the market, such as shellac, lacquer, polyurethane and varnish. Usually, furniture is made of wrought iron, wood or plastic. These materials require specific types of furniture coatings.


The paint you should use for outdoor furniture

For this type of furniture, it is usually made of wrought iron or wood. The paint used should be able to withstand extreme weather and congenital conditions such as humidity and high temperature. The most suitable furniture coating for outdoor installations is latex paint, because its formula can resist the growth of mold and mildew. On the other hand, acrylic, water-based latex or water-based enamels are very suitable for your iron fixtures; it is important not to use oil-based paints.


The paint you should use for interior Furniture Enamel Paint Manufacturers in India

This type of furniture is usually made of iron, wood or plastic. Therefore, for wooden devices, oil-based paint is very useful because it will be actively absorbed by the wood grain. Other perfect paint types are melamine and water-based enamel, which can add strength and visual effects to your furniture.


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