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F5 Online Virtual Lab

F5 Online Virtual Lab

The F5 Lab consists of 2 virtual devices, all of which can be used for configuration. It also includes 3 small web servers for testing load balancer configurations. On this page, you can find useful information about lab equipment, links, useful tutorials, and troubleshooting information.

F5 BigIP settings

  1. The device is installed and licensed
  2. IP address (configured on F5 management interface) - on F5-1
  3. The Managemnt IP on F5-2 is and the universal IP is (this IP is not pre-configured)
  4. Internal IP on F5 (can be found in the drawing)
  5. The device FQDN has been created on the lab DNS server (Details below)
  6. For creating a virtual IP on F5, use the IP in this range shown in the experiment map (link shared on this page)
  7. F5 device interface and VLAN information - Interface 1.1 is the INSIDE interface, 1.2 is OUTSIDE, you can use any VLAN number, but leave it untagged.


LAN server settings:

  1. Services running on LAN server - SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP
  2. The website is already installed and running on all 3 servers and is accessible via TCP ports 80 and 443.
  3. The server is in an isolated network and will not connect to the server until F5's internal IP settings are complete.
  4. The IP address of the web server can be found in the following network diagram.
  5. The web server 1 is blue, the web server 2 is black, and the web server 3 is purple. (URL in the FQDN section below)
  6. Different color servers can easily reflect the load balancing operation of the LTM.
  7. If necessary, you can deploy other services on the web server. If necessary, please let us know.

Test F5 VIP configuration from the Internet

The IP address (from the VIP pool/range) is NATed and accessible via ports 80 and 443:

For the above working link, nodes, pools, and HTTP(s)VIP ( need to be set up on the F5 device.

Available modules:

  • LTM
  • GTM
  • AFM
  • ASM
  • Version 13.x


Download Network Diagram

Laboratory information and instructions:

If you have already booked your server time, log in to the lab console below and email your credentials during the booking process. To book a new time, click here.


Online Lab Console

  1. Log in via email user/pass via connection above
  2. Level 2 certification, emailed
  3. The device list will be available for connection - Windows PC, F5 BigIP-1, F5-BigIP-2
  4. Connect from the listed connection to Windows 7 PC, with - labuser/Labroot12! @
  5. F5 Device Login - GUI - Administrator/Administrator
  6. F5 Device Login - CLI - admin / You need to allow user administrators to access the CLI through the GUI
  7. The laboratory will automatically destroy after 10 minutes from the end of the meeting

Device FQDN (all available from Windows 7 Lab PC):

  1. F5-BigIP-1:f5bigip1.testclue.local
  2. F5-BigIP-2:f5bigip2.testclue.local
  3. Web server 1: webserver1.testclue.local
  4. Web server 2: webserver2.testclue.local
  5. Web server 3: webserver3.testclue.local
  6. The network map provides the device's IP address
  7. DNS Server - win2k12.testclue.local


Useful links (for small-scale lab deployments):


Discuss F5 configuration in this forum:

Discussion Forum

Questions during the experiment class

Provide a red "Technical Support" button in the upper right corner of the page to open tickets and contact the support team.

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