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EZ & Trilla

EZ & Trilla, a twin hip hop duo born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, has emerged as a prominent force in the current rap music landscape.


For over a decade, they have been pursuing their dreams of producing music that their fanbase turns on and listens to all the way through without skipping a track.

Their musical journey began at a young age when they started producing beats and writing lyrics. As their skills improved, they began making rap and Twin Hop Duo music, a pursuit that quickly became their life's mission. Their work stands out because making music is all they have ever wanted to do.


Despite being expelled from high school when they were young, the twins refused to let negativity from others hinder their dreams. Instead, it fuels their determination and transforms it into ambition. Additionally, they excel at working under pressure, using it as a motivation to try even harder. They march to the beat of their own drum and chase their dreams without a care in the world.


Known for their unique and methodical approach to making music, they have consistently produced top-notch music videos and infectious sounds. Their tracks "Feel It" and "Lotto Ticket" have garnered over 250,000 combined streams across various media platforms. “Feel It” has a slow tempo and heavy bass and showcases a repeating melody with a catchy hook. The track’s overall sound is dark and atmospheric, perfect for late-night parties and clubs. “Lotto Ticket” features a repetitive beat, synthesizer melodies, and a laid-back, mellow vibe. Their latest release, " Rock-A-Bye Baby," showcases their signature style: slow tempo, heavy bass, and catchy hook.


The duo aims to dominate the music industry and sustain a comfortable lifestyle by utilizing their strengths. They present their excellence and uniqueness by delivering something remarkably distinct from what people are used to hearing. They can be found in the studio or attending music-related networking events in their free time.


EZ and Trilla's unwavering commitment to their passion has allowed them to restore creativity and authenticity to music. Their passion for their art is matched only by their love for family. With their eyes set on dominating the industry, there's no doubt that this twin hip-hop duo will continue to make musical waves for years to come.


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